David Perry "sure" a new Earthworm Jim will be made

Eurogamer- Will there ever be another Earthworm Jim game?

It's a case of when, not if, David Perry, who founded Earthworm Jim creator Shiny Entertainment and programmed the first two games in the critically acclaimed 16-bit action platform series, told Eurogamer at the Develop conference in Brighton last week.

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DA_SHREDDER2373d ago

I would rather have a toe jam and earl remake

MrDead2373d ago

The alien rappers from Funkotron,they were the Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince from out of space.

PoSTedUP2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

: D best comment on n4g. bubble up.

secretcode2373d ago

I'd rather not, after remembering how the Xbox TJ+E game turned out...

MrDead2373d ago

A super suit did fall.

maniacmayhem2373d ago

A 2-D Earthworm in the same manner as the new Rayman with the original humor from the first two games would be boss.

Make it happen guys.

lastdual2373d ago

That would be awesome.

Even if it was just for XBLA & PSN, I could see someone like WayForward doing great things with the IP.

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