GameInformer Editorial: Is the Wii U Doomed?

GameInformer- Pachter is known for straight-talking opinions, and has not shied away from detailing how he thinks Nintendo has erred with its approach to the Wii U. At the Develop Conference, Pachter elaborated that he thinks that the hardcore crowd will buy the system simply because it says Nintendo on it, and that the company wouldn't strike lightning twice between the Wii and the Wii U. "I don't think they're getting lucky with Wii U." he said.

He also questions the console's basic design and fuctionality. "I think that essentially this is a solution in search of a problem," said Pachter. "I mean, somebody had an idea – 'Let's make the controller a tablet' – and there aren't many games that are going to take advantage of that."

Is Pachter's doomsday prediction for the Wii U correct?

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mike1up2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Patcher and GameInformer have joined forces to bash Nintendo, how cute. "Always-Wrong Man and Passive-Aggressive Man UNITE! All they need now is G4, and they could start their own Super Villain team. The Nintendo DOOM PATROL! Patcher should definitely do the monologuing.

GameInformer admits that they have been wrong about Nintendo before, so why even entertain this garbage before the console launches?

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live2play2309d ago

to be honest
i enjoy it

because when they get proven wrong (so so wrong) its all that more sweeter

darthv722309d ago

The hard part for nintendo is convincing the millions who bought the wii into getting the wii-u. No doubt the holdouts would likely get the wii-u because of its more core appeal but to the millions who bought a wii when it came out....

Unless nintendo comes up with a trade in program and really market the crap out of the fact you can use all existing games and accessories. This unit will NOT sell nearly as many as the initial wii did.

I like the wii and im getting the wii-u. I know lots of families that wont rush out and get the wii-u when it releases. At least not right away like they did the wii.

WeskerChildReborned2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Idk, i'm wondering what is up with the unnecessary Nintendo hate? Lol

StanSmith2309d ago

Yes, the WiiU is doomed. Just like the Vita is doomed. Just like the 3DS was doomed. Just like the PS3 was doomed. Just like the Wii was doomed.

In future episodes of "THE WORLD IS DOOMED", join us as we write more articles on every new piece of hardware and claim it is DOOMED, just for hits!


Are people not sick of these repetitive articles yet?

darthv722309d ago

but you have to think of the appeal of the wii when it first came out. It was intentionally going for a different demographic. One that had not picked up a controller for years let alone at all.

It was able to appeal to such a diverse range of gamers due to its price and the fact it didnt require any big expensive tv to play on. Granted you can play ps3 and 360 on regular tv too but lets be honest here. The main appeal of the hd platforms is meant to be played on an hd screen.

Wii-u is now going to appeal to that hd crowd but at the same time they have to figure out how to convert those who bought the wii into getting the wii-u.

The examples you listed of vita and many, when the vita released it meant a potential price reduction of the existing psp. with a huge library of umd games that you cant play on the vita it made sense for people to get the psp in lieu of the vita. That is why the core audience bought the vita. They were going to regardless while at the same time thousands more bought up the psp.

3ds in relation to ds/dsi can play all of those previous games. The selling point was the 3d and (while gimmicky at first) it has gotten much better since release. So millions who bought the dslite and dsi can migrate their collection to a 3ds with minimal issue.

Obviously nintendo has had better success in migrating users of the ds to the 3ds than sony has with psp to vita. If nintendo can use that same strategy to get wii users to wii-u then it should do fine.

For that to happen they really need to market that the wii-u does everything that the wii does...and more. while at the same time not confusing the consumer into which model they should get. If anything, nintendo should pull all existing wii units when the wii-u releases (a bold move) as that would eliminate the confusion of getting the older model for $50 (an example) less than the newer model.

StanSmith2309d ago

Nintendo does have to market the WiiU correctly so that previous Wii owners understand that the WiiU is a new console. They caused confusion with the 3DS name and personally I think the WiiU should have been named Wii 2. It's simple and the casuals would understand just what it is.

Saying that however, once they get passed that hurdle, then the sales will come. Mario will pull in audiences from both the Hardcore and Casual demographics. The franchise just has that appeal now.

Nintendo need to market the WiiU strongly so that the masses know what they'll be getting. The need to make a point to casuals that all their Wii controllers and games will work on WiiU.

That would create an illusion of greater value as they realise that they will only have to buy the system at first.

Honestly, I think Nintendo's only issue will be getting WiiU gamers to buy other non-nintendo titles.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2309d ago


I lol'd


@ Anyone who believes this:

Like I said before...

"Don't Be a Cow in Heat"
Cause Cows in heat love BULL.

nintendojunkie282308d ago

You know it's funny that you mention mr_mike,PopRocks359 and Shok commenting on "Every Nintendo/Wii U article",because it seems to be,that it is you who are always on nintendo articles stinkin' up the place with either personal attacks or grossly misinformed statements.

Let me ask you something,if I may.If you hate ninty sooo much...which by all accounts,you do.Tell me then,why are you always one of the first to comment on nintendo related articles?

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aviator1892309d ago

I just don't think it'll reach the same level of success the wii experienced.

Shok2309d ago

Same here. I think it will sell well but it definitely won't sell as much as the Wii did, although, it may have longer legs.

BringingTheThunder2309d ago

not right off the bat, when it reaches >$200 it could

omarzy2309d ago

nothing will. The ps2,DS, and Wii sales are not normal when you compare them to the competition. Won't see sales like these consoles anymore from anyone.

corrus2309d ago

That Patcher is very funny guy

hennessey862309d ago

but it won't fail, there are plenty of people who will want this console.

solidjun52309d ago

"Is the Wii U Doomed?"

Nah. you may not want it but there are plenty of people who do. So no, it's not doomed.

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