Deadpool The Game: Trailer Impressions

Everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking ass-assin is making his way to home consoles everywhere! Deadpool invaded a Comic-con panel just to make the announcement himself and show us the trailer for his new game. With panning shots and classy music showing us a room full of weapons and marvel girls in bikinis it already felt like Deadpools apartment before Nolan North’s iconic Deadpool voice came though. As Deadpool tried to introduce the concept of his game to us be became distracted when two other voices in his head started arguing. We’re then treated to a barrage of violence, ridiculousness and one-liners before the trailer ends with Deadpool giving us a wink and telling off Wolverine.After watching nothing more than a teaser trailer I am more than pumped for this game. Nolan North reprises his role, playing not only Deadpool, but also different inner voices that he has full blown conversations with. Our “hero” is full of one-liners as well as some of his favorite noises to make while fighting such as, “Bang bang bang!” and “Pew pew!” We can’t tell too much from the combat right now but it looks fun and seems to capture the essence of the over-the-top violence needed to make Deadpool proud.

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h311rais3r2286d ago

I just can't wait for this.

"bang! Pew pew! Bang BANG!!"