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Joe Shaffer states, "What you have is a passable, yet easy and repetitive 3D brawler trapped inside of a dull open world that stars Spider-Man. It is as any license fan would fear: a ho-hum action game cranked out to hype a movie. Nothing more, nothing less."

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SnakePlissken2337d ago

The movie is garbage, the game is much better!!! This game is NOT based on the movie.

h311rais3r2337d ago

I liked the movie........

SnakePlissken2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I didnt like the Toby ones either. I dont know, i just think they couldve cast a much better Parker! I mean Toby was a lousy Spiderman and i thought this guy was even worse! I mean...he looks full blown jewish for one. Which he actually is in real life. I wanna see Spiderman...not Spiderjew!!!

Tonester9252337d ago


haha What?

MattyG2337d ago

The movie was great, and you really should get your anti semitic mouth out of the comments. Every time I see an article on Spidey, your ripping on the actor for looking Jewish. WHO CARES! What the hell does religion have to do with spider man, gaming or acting at all? Geez, grow up.