How Lone Survivor Gets Horror Right

"Fear is only as deep as the mind allows".

"This short Japanese proverb that I pilfered from the putrid bowels of the internet provides us with an insight into the nature of fear. It’s the mind that is the driving force behind our deepest and darkest terrors. The foul creatures brought to life by our imagination are infinitely more terrifying than anything experienced by our accumulated senses. An unfamiliar noise, a distant blur in the darkness, a foul stench in the night or an imagined touch of a ghostly presence can all act as triggers for your psyche to conjure the most heinous of otherworldly beasts lurking amongst the shadows. This fright-filled corner of your mind is where Lone Survivor sets up its grim abode. From there it tugs and twists at the strings of your imagination, provoking a feeling of tense horror that few games are able to achieve."

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