5 ways Battlefield 4 can improve on the last game

Battlefield 3 was a great game, but it had its fair share of problems. Here's what we think EA and DICE need to do to make the sequel even better...

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shackdaddy2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I imagine that they're doing BF4 instead of bad company because next gen consoles can take 64 players and big maps.

I also hope they bring back commander in BF4. That was one of the bigger things BF3 was missing

DasTier2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I hope they don't pass on making BFBC3, BF3 took it self far too seriously. Don't get me wrong, they improved alot of stuff compared to BFBC2, but it lacked alot of the fun that was present in BFBC2. Multi and Singleplayer wise.

I'll never forget the amount of fun we had with that Civillian truck on the snow level (name escapes me), the rush levels were alot more organised too, they gave us a reasonable/workable amount of vehicles for 24 players, rather than bf3s aimless "let's give them one of every vehicle because vehicles are awesome! " and sacrifice the gameplay. Vehicles are awesome but they need a purpose and bc2 did it near perfectly.

SpecialK2310d ago


Wish i could press the agree button more than once. BF3 is technically better, but its turned from a fun game that lets you mess around a little, into a much more serious game.

joab7772310d ago

I agree. It's probably more about consoles this time. And please, please bring back the open campaign. It was so brilliant. And I don't fault them for the looks on console. It still looks great and obviously was never going to look like a high end pc. But by showing off the best, it gathered tons of support and allowed them to keep pushing their engine. And it really does look like that for many people. It would be stupid to nerf the pc version of Battlefield 3 just to make us console owners happy. But, damn was I disappointed by the sp.

Cosmit2310d ago

I think BC3 has been confirmed already. Or at least been shown in a developers resume. Something along the lines of "Worked on the Very Early Development Process for Bad Company 3"

Since MOH releases this year, you can probably bet BC3 is coming out next year.

DasTier2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Damn I can remember me and my mates always used to miss use that, turning friendly snipers Into Xmas trees, giving allies a nice flashing bright light in the middle of the screen, I do miss it though.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

Yea i hate how aircraft vehicles now have flares so their pretty hard to take down.

Jreca2310d ago

I can tell you the one and only:

EA, let Dice handle the game.

Like old times.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

I think EA should just stop trying to compete with COD and just release the games just like how any normal people release them. They don't need to overhype their games to be "COD killers".

SpecialK2310d ago

One big thing for me is to expand the map borders a bit. I dont know why theyre so squeezed in the amount of times ive wanted to flank an objective to find im outside the map by 1 meter is crazy.

It means risking crazy runs with 10 seconds to spare to use tactics that the map almost begs you to use...

And some maps with more destructibility would be nice. I know they lessened it to make the maps more tactical (at least thats what they say) but to have a couple maps where tanks can just wreck the place would be nice.

Its not even like that happened most games, usually buildings remained largely intact. but it opened up possibilities like jumping from building to building, opening up rooftops for sniping, killing stair campers by blasting walls...


*puts away BF3, plays Bad company 2*

Ive missed you so much =,D

Psychotica2310d ago

I would like to see them add bots for offline multiplayer like BF2 had. Probably never happen though.

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