[email protected] South Park: The Stick of Truth Preview

South Park fans have a real treat in store for them next March 5th 2013 when THQ and Obsidian release their new South Park video game. With the shows creators overseeing the entire game South Park: The Stick of Truth isn’t your run of the mill licensed game but rather comes across as a great addition to the South Park franchise in-game form. Matt Stone (South Park Creator) is noted as saying, “It had to look like an episode of South Park. You would not believe how many hours went into that distinctive crappy look”

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Honest_gamer2310d ago

Cannot wait until this game comes out looks so good, might be the hit THQ have been waiting for? 4mil watch ever new episode of comady central, + apparently millions of people watch it a day online, + one of the highest rated shows of all time? if done right, game can be a huge success, not saying it'll put thq back to the level they were in the ps2 days however it'll give them a big boost IF DONE RIGHT can imagin something like who ever gets x done 1st gets a camo apperiance on one or more of there episodes etc that'll get allot of people intrested, hell if i wasnt buying it day 1, that would get me intrested

detroitmademe2310d ago

it sucks that the gameplay is turn-based but im still interested somehow

blainio092310d ago

Ye Im not sure why they went down that road but Im sure they will make it work.....I hope.