Top 5 Free-to-Play Games

Some say that Free-to-Play is the future of gaming. Whether or not that’s the case, there’s no denying that cash-strapped consumers can already enjoy terrific MMOs, FPSs and adventures completely free of charge. Having sunk himself into the very best that the current F2P landscape has to offer, Jacques Voller presents his Top 5.

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DanJenkoFMV2337d ago

Blacklight: Retribution is another good one.

ATi_Elite2337d ago

Blacklight Retribution
Tribes Ascend
Dragon Nest
Battlefield Play 4 Free
Team Fortress 2
Arma 2 free 2 play
League of Legends

Spenok2337d ago

This man is right. Its on Steam as well.

TrendyGamers2337d ago

I heard Tribes Ascend is a lot of fun.

Mikefizzled2337d ago

Its a lot of fun just as long as you have a very quick wit about you.