Do you think that “Sleeping Dogs” Could be the Next “Grand Theft Auto” Series

GTA hasn’t had a fierce competitor in a long time. Could “Sleeping Dogs” be the next sleeper?

I believe the combat mechanics are going to be unreal. There is going to be an open world along with guns and fighting. Sounds like GTA to me.

“Grand Theft Auto revolutionized the way we look at open world games.”

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MilkMan2284d ago

Dont know.
Haven't played it yet.
Call me AFTER it launches and gamers play it.

deletingthis346753342284d ago

It looks good but I am not going to jump the gun on the conclusion that this is the next GTA even if I like the game better. GTA is a household brand, while Sleeping Dogs is the new kid on the block that isn't known to most GTA fans. Look at THQ, as much as I enjoy Saints Row, the franchise didn't steal the crown from GTA. It is going to take A LOT more marketing and competition against GTA than what Square-Enix is currently doing.

detroitmademe2284d ago

it does look pretty good but i gotta play it first like milkman and segaknuckles said.

Gigawatt252284d ago

It'll be superior to GTA5. Fact!

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The story is too old to be commented.