FPS games like Quake 3 died because consoles competed with movies

The big FPS rivalry of 1999 was fought between two games that decided to ditch single-player campaigns and focus on the future - on being multiplayer and competitive. They were Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.

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ritsuka6662283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

YEP,Those were the days you needed pure skill, not unbalancing unlocks and crap aim assist in this days. Unreal Tournament, Quake3 were the king of shooters for good reason.

LightofDarkness2283d ago

I miss those days. I also missed Tribes a lot, but Ascend does a pretty good job of resurrecting all the things that made it great.

I'd like to see a new, PROPER UT game, and maybe a new Quake, so long as id handle it.

2283d ago
R_aVe_N2283d ago

I really miss the days when FPS games had substance.

chad22hkd2283d ago

I so agree with you, I'm personally sick of the 70% story telling and 30% gameplay most these games have nowadays.

Also that's true about the online has little to nothing to do with skill anymore. I'ts all about perks, better weapons and upgrades over noobs, and sniping and camping,

God how I wish they would take sniping out of fps, it's unbalanced and broken, and promotes people to camp when they can't get kills!

Scarfy2283d ago

I always preferred Doom and Quake, myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.