Medal of Honor: Warfighter will use Battlelog

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will feature Battlelog integration, EA has announced.

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tunaks12283d ago

so this is basically a re-skined battlefield... Who would pick this up over battlefield?

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

It looks interesting to me but i have noticed that they re used animations from BF3.

StayStatic2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

True but why fix what ain't broken ? , they were made with the Fifa technology iirc , so quite realistic imo.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232283d ago

i am pre-ordering it thats who will be picking it up.

after trying MW3 online and hearing about jet packs in blops2 MOH:MW will be my new military shooter till ARMA3 turns up.

tunaks12281d ago

why not just stick to bf3?

KingOptimusOrigin1112283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I like battlelog.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232283d ago

me to. its a good place to handle your clan,friends and game stats.

KingOptimusOrigin1112282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Yeah and its organized!!!

StayStatic2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I like this , might not end up as good as BF3 but Ill take this military over a call of duty game any day , plus I don't get duped into a crappy console port , MW3 on PC is horrible , glad I didn't buy it.

mynameisEvil2283d ago

You know, I really wouldn't mind Call of Duty on PC so much as long as they raised the FOV to acceptable levels (MW3 was 65, though Black Ops could go up to something like 80 or 85, so yay-ish for Treyarch), made sure mouse acceleration wasn't forced, and if they FIXED ALL THOSE TERRIBLE IMBALANCES.

Let's face it, Black Ops made some good strides. I'm going to wait and do some research and, if the game is more balanced and some of those terrible perks are gone, I might actually pick it up. If not, then I guess it'll be the fourth CoD game in a row I won't get. *shrug*

With that said, I'm also hoping Warfighter improves a LOT on where the first failed. The game certainly has a lot of potential, so here's hoping to uses some of it to deliver a solid game.

NoFanboyRequired2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

That sucks for most PC players. I can't stand having to use battlelog to join a damn server. Why can't they just have it in game???

You can't even play pirated games online unless if there were hacked servers or people using himachi..

DestinyHeroDoomlord2283d ago

And with that there won't be offline mp... You maniacs! Damn you, damn you too heck!