So Why Is Sony Making A 16GB PS3?

TSA: "There's another market to consider. A market that's looking for a device that plays Blu-rays, connects to LoveFILM, Netflix and iPlayer. A market that won't ever sit and watch Polyphony's progress bar lie its way through the world's most tedious sixty minute install. A market that just wants to watch, and listen, not play."

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sinncross2337d ago

It could just be a typo.. i mean, 16gb then straight to 250gb?

if true, its probably just to be a really chepa entry level, but yeah: I doubt it will be limited to 16gb only.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232337d ago

gotta be a typo. with mandatory install on some games it doesn't make sense.

250gig should be the minimum. once you have a few 50gig games installed + DLC and arcade games theres not much room left.

macezhno2337d ago

my guess is that the hdd wont be removeable this time

because i would buy 16 cause it is the cheapest and just upgrade the hdd

MrBeatdown2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

16GBs makes sense to me. The Vita gets by without it. Vita even requires storage for some games. PSP didn't come with storage. Neither did the 360 for years.

Even with some games having installs, the PS3 can make do with 16GB. Heck, that's only 4GB less than the 20GB HDD the $500 PS3 launched with and the "Pro" 360 had for years.

Sure, 16GB certainly isn't ideal, but it's a feasible option.

I think the biggest mandatory install out there is RAGE at 8GB. Pretty much everything else is 4GBs or under. You can easily fit three sizable installs which I think would be adequate for a more casual player.

Plus, it's nice to have it as an option if you want to get an HDD elsewhere, or already own one. You don't need to pay for an HDD you won't use... something I've already done this generation.

Army_of_Darkness2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

A $149.99 PS3 console! shit, if this happens I'll buy it and do a 500gb upgrade for like $60:-)

this makes perfect sense because I know several people, including my GF that bought a ps3 mainly for netflix, watch bluray movies and casual games here n there.

guitarded772337d ago

16gb == $100 - $150 mark...

You can buy a hard drive off the shelf and throw it in to upgrade for about $50.

If Sony wants the lowest priced console this holiday, the 16gb (probably flash memory) will do the trick. Kinda like the basic XBOX slim has only 4gb and no hard drive.

blitz06232337d ago

I don't think it's a typo. It's similar to the 2GB 360, only this time 16GB because of mandatory installs. It's obviously the cheapest version. Also good for people who just plays disc based games but also allows them to store downloadable games.

It's actually a good idea if you are very patient since you can just re-download/re-install stuff and delete the games/game data you don't need at the moment.

darthv722337d ago

i cant see where there is a place to open it up to replace the hdd. Maybe they are going with a closed system this time. Obviously one of the big selling points of the older models was user replaceable hdd. This could be a new way of cutting costs while at the same time giving the consumer a sizable hdd to work with.

Mine originally had an 80 but I upped it to 120. Yeah that might not be as much as some people (500gb+ 1tb) it was what was available to me at the time.

the 16gb could actually be 160gb which was a viable sku of ps3. Not sure really why they would opt for 16gb if it really is 16gb. The only thing I know that sony made with 16gb was the pspgo. Even then you could still add more capacity via m2 cards.

On a side note...maybe the 16gb is expandable via sd memory? It certainly would be cheaper to include an SD slot than an actual sata controller. SD memory is cheap and expansive in size now.

gaffyh2337d ago

It'll be something like 16GB flash storage on every PS3, and the other two SKUs have HDDs maybe. That way they can offer a low-end SKU very cheap. It's also pretty good because it means that there is some leeway for playing games that require installs, and download a few games, and if someone runs out of space, then buy a HDD.

megacowdung2336d ago

I'm surviving with my 160gb right now.

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fermcr2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

16GB PS3? I think it's a typo. If true then it's a pretty dumb move by Sony.

MostJadedGamer2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Its very a smart move they just want to get the cheapest possible PS3 on the market to increase sales. The PS3 has always been way to expensive and has payed the price for it this generation. They just want to get the hardware into as people's hands as possible this point.

fermcr2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

So you saying that a 16gb flash (SSD drive) is cheaper then an 80gb or 120gb hard drive ?

I don't believe they make 16gb hard drive, so it has to be a flash. Do you know the price of SSD drives ?

homer2336d ago

I don't think it is a typo. Tob be fair, Sony did once have a 20gb model, so what makes you believe this is so farfetched?

Oh_Yeah2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

if its true it should be no more than 100. ps3 slim 160 gb goes for 150 in pawn shops around my way. theyll be leading console sales for sure if they price at 100$

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kneon2337d ago

It would be 16gb of flash. I assume you will be able to add a hard drive later if you wish.

If that's the case then this is the model to buy as you can probably get a bigger drive for less than what the price difference is likely to be between this model and one with a hard drive.

Thatguy-3102337d ago

Didn't stop Microsoft from selling a 4gb one. I mean am amazed it took Sony a lot of time to release a console with small amount of memory. This hould lower the price point from those the ones with bigger. hard drive.

Spitfire_Riggz2337d ago

Exactly, didnt stop them from releasing a 4gb console when downloading one game would take up like 6-10gb

GribbleGrunger2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

It's not necessarily a typo. I'd say that 16GB would be flash memory. Three possible reasons:

1/ To sell a bundle to the casuals with a MOVE controller for a cut down price. probably a bundle with Okami HD or LBPKarting (wheel an option).

2/ to sell a bundle with the Vita included to compete with the WiiU when it releases. probably packaged with LBP2 and the new DLC on it's way. Maybe even LBPKarting (we don't know if it will have some Vita connectivity)and also a Battle Royale option too

3/ A machine that is designed for use with Gaikai. Streaming with a contract option similar to the 360 $99 option in America. Of course this model would also be upgradable with a hard drive too

wicko2337d ago

It's not going to be 16GB, not when so many games require installs and are easily 1-4GB, sometimes larger.

GribbleGrunger2337d ago

if it was flash memory there would be absolutely no problem putting in a hard drive of your own if you wanted it for more than just casual games

wicko2337d ago

Yeah but that requires a bit of know-how, and the average PS3 owner probably wouldn't know what to look for or realize you could do that, unlike people commenting here..

GribbleGrunger2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

yeah, that's why I suggest it would focus on Gaikai. let's call it PS3Go for arguments sake

damn this bubble system. my conversation officially ends here

MrBeatdown2336d ago

The PS3's attach rate is around eight or nine games.

16GBs is a feasible option for someone with that kind of collection. Two or three games at a time with 4GB installs still leaves you with room to spare. Considering plenty of games don't have installs, or smaller installs, there's flexibility in there for a more casual gamer.

It's certainly not a suitable option if you're like us and likely play far more games than that, but if you're the type that just wants maybe Call of Duty and a few other games playable at a time, 16GB isn't a terrible option if the price is right.

And from Sony's perspective, I'm sure they are sick of MS having the pricing advantage. A 16GB model could potentially put the PS3 at around $150, which is what MS will likely drop the 4GB model to this year.

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darthawesome902337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

+ It will keep the price down
+ There is a pretty big market that doesn't like paying for DLC
+ For user content often a cheaper external hard-drive or thumb-drive is good enough(and cheaper)
+ Unlike the X360 the PS3's hard-drive can be replaced by the user with any 3rd party design if they wish (if the user knows how to shop around = cheaper).

- The only issue with this hard-drive size are game installs. Many games like Metal Gear Solid have the option or are required to be installed. Not sure is 16GB is enough (it might be but I have no idea).

Tonester9252337d ago

I think Sony should sell a PS3 with no hard drive so we could buy a huge one for it.

WeskerChildReborned2337d ago

Haha yea exactly even when their is mandatory installs.

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2337d ago
kingofe32337d ago

The same reason why Microsoft made the 4GB Xbox 360.

Hicken2337d ago

Microsoft(mostly likely) did it so that you'd have to come back and buy another HDD when the 4GB got full, thus creating another revenue stream. Since you don't have to buy a Sony HDD for your PS3 to have more memory, that doesn't quite match up.

16GB might be a size sufficient for kids' games. I can imagine very few of them require installs- and if they do, not much- so they wouldn't need a lot of HDD space.

Given that a 160GB system is $250(US), a 16GB system would be under the $200 mark, which was the sweet spot for the PS2. They could be thinking a system at that price point would undercut anything Microsoft could do, but I don't think such a small HDD really makes sense, as they could do the same with an 80GB.

Most likely, this was a typo.

kneon2337d ago

Just try and find an 80gb 2.5" drive, I don't think they are making anything below 160gb anymore except for specialized applications, and even 160gb will soon go away. There is only about a $10 difference between a 160gb and a 500gb drive so there is not much point in making such small drives.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

thats what i was thinking. kind of a core system for the budget gamer.

i think microsoft making the 4GB was a bit stupid though so hope sony don't do the same thing. with the high quality of arcade games making bigger file sizes does not sit well on a 4 & 16GB HDD

EDIT: lol why did i get disagreed on my comment further up? that was an honest opinion NOT trolling. ahhh i guess im just gonna get disagreed all the time due to my status on here.

Wintersun6162337d ago

Definition of "disagree".

Even honest opinions can be disagreed with. It completely makes sense especially if the 16GB is flash storage and you can add a proper HDD later on if you wish. That way they could lower the price even more than the new slim model would allow.

Outside_ofthe_Box2337d ago

You can't expect people to take you seriously when all you have ever done is troll like a little child just because you dislike PS3 fans. People may see your "honest" opinion as sarcasm or stealth trolling. Besides it's still an opinion so people aren't inclined to agree anyway.

Baka-akaB2337d ago

I'd say it's welcome . Quite frankly i'm annoyed that i'd need to buy a 320gb or 160 gb if mine died right now . Esecpially when i could just buy a cheaper ps3 then add a 500 for a cheaper price

Enigma_20992337d ago

Think of it like the PS3 360 Arcade system... except you'll be able to swap in a bigger HDD if you want. That is, if this is true.

Fishy Fingers2337d ago

If its real, I imagine it can only be to keep costs down. But in reality, what's the cost saving between a 16gb and 60gb when your buying by the million.

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