Battlefield 4: What's the problem?

Flicking through various message boards, forums and article reactions, there is an astonishing amount of people disappointed, upset, or even angry at the existence of Battlefield 4.

There appear to be three key problems with the idea of the next game being Battlefield 4 - but VideoGamer is struggling to understand the logic behind any of them.

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Wizziokid2288d ago

The main problem is, people don't want it to launch this gen, it's way to soon for another main series BF game, another Bad Company would be fine.

before people counter-argue saying we don't know when it will launch well that is true but why have a beta for BF4 next year on current gen systems if it's a next gen game? it's a tad pointless considering they will need to have another beta once the next gen systems launch to port it all over and make the improvements.

this seems like EA are just pushing DICE to make this to compete with COD and it's a shame because BF was always my preferred title.

Nitrowolf22288d ago

EA wants to make the last of their money before switching to next gen console. Truth be told, if it was a launch title I don't think it would sell as much as BF3. Reason is, next gen will have a small fanbase at the start like always. EA is looking to cash the last of it's chips.

To me it's a smart business move, but for as a consumer I am disappointed to see this happening. We all expected Bad Company 3 to be the next in the series and BF4 to be next gen. BF4 next gen would serve a whole lot better considering it would make better use with what's given, thus making it closer and if not on par with the PC launch version.

Wizziokid2288d ago

I agree with you on the fact that the consumer base will be smaller, it's probably the reason they are squeezing it out but as a fan of the series I'm not impressed with the move simply because they can't do anything else with Battlefield on current gen systems.

Thankfully I'll be getting a new Gaming PC at the end of the year so I'll be able to purchase it for PC but that's just me. If I wasn't getting this new PC I wouldn't be buying BF4 on console.

ginsunuva2288d ago

But what if... BF4 was PC exclusive? Somehow. Then I would praise EA and it would be the greatest Battlefield ever!

Aggesan2288d ago

Like you said, another Bad Company would be fine. In fact, that's what I'm really longing for.

Sony3602287d ago

So a different name and you're happy.

Makes total sense.

AIndoria2287d ago

@Sony360 Ever heard of spin-offs?

WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

Yea exactly, and people usually release betas when the game is almost done and i want them to take their time and make it amazing also next gen would be a great idea.

solar2288d ago

i dont want BF4 this quick because it seems EA is pushing another BF game the same way Activision pushes a new CoD game.

Sequels should push genres of games. CoD has done nothing new since CoD3 to CoD4. after 4 we have gotten reskinned rehashes of the same game.

UC1 was an ok game, UC2 was a great game. UC1 was the same game as UC2 except for how great ND pushed the story. HL1 took mindless FPS to story lined FPS. genres need to be pushed. i dont see BF4 pushing BF3 the same way as tho classics have done.

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Tonester9252288d ago

The problem is these ELITE BF PLAYERS thinking that EA owes them something. If there is too much things to fix that can't be patched it only makes since that you release a new game.

Maybe this one would be the perfect BF game that everyone is looking for. *Since BF2 was sooo perfect*

I don't mind a new BF3 game because I will eventually stop playing this once all the DLC gets old.

Seanen2288d ago

BF2 wasn't "sooo perfect" from the beginning. It took some time, patch after patch till a lot of players feel that it was Complete.

Had they given a "Commander" position (a different game mode perhaps, DICE?) and BattleRecorder, even as a post-release patch, I'm pretty much sure less of us would complain.

ChunkyLover532288d ago

The problem is that all the anti-COD people were praising the Battlefield series because it wasn't on the same launch schedule as COD.

Now that its on a two year cycle people lose some of the ammunition they had against COD. Had Battlefield 3 sold like Bad Company did, they probably wouldn't rushed out a sequel so fast, but EA is finding it difficult to turn away from 12-15 potential sales.

Sony3602287d ago

It's nothing to do with COD. Not everything revolves around that milked franchise.

ChunkyLover532287d ago


Battlefield has EVERYTHING to do with COD. Also, most games are released based on when COD isn't released.

I'd say Battlefield has had even more games as a franchise than COD.

AIndoria2287d ago

It still doesn't release every November.

LightofDarkness2288d ago

Well, it's somewhat unusual for a numbered entry in this series to come so soon, which has people worried about the impact it may have on quality. It may also suggest that this will not be a significant departure from 3, a game which many series veterans feel is a step backwards. All we can do now is wait and see, really, as there's simply not enough information to suggest anything about the game's quality or content.

sandman2242288d ago

The problem is that I don't want to have to buy a high end pc to enjoy the game. Ps3 and 360 struggle to run it. Why not wait till the next grn consoles. So I can fully enjoy what the game can really do.

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