David Perry: Gameplay should come first in next-gen

While all-round media centres look to be all the rage for next-gen consoles, Gaikai founder David Perry thinks gameplay should always be prioritised above other functions, and says next-gen hardware needs “a really big reason to be there”.

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Army_of_Darkness2285d ago

then maybe he should continue making games for this current Gen?! cause it clearly sounds like he ain't gonna use the graphical capabilities of next gen console...

neutralgamer192285d ago

Duhhhhhh!!!!! I don't think many developers go in saying lets dumb down the game play and just focus on graphics. I think ppl on the dev team have their tasks and both game play and graphics are focused on during the creation of the game. If game play doesn't come out good it has alot to do with the incompetence of the dev, not because their not trying to incorporate good game play and are focusing too much on graphics.

turgore2285d ago

Deus Ex 1 came out 12 years ago, but has more engrossing gameplay than 99% games that came out this gen.

black9112285d ago

Sony has chosen wisely. Microsoft it wouldve been Money should come first.