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Nitrowolf22284d ago

Fall 2013, guess that means a 2014 release

eliteslaya132284d ago

Wrong, the BF3 Beta weeks before the actual game's release. Expect a 2013 release since we'll be seeing MOH 3 in 2014.

lastdual2284d ago

Yeah, EA seems committed to a yearly BF/MOH cycle. I would be very surprised if we don't see BF4 next winter.

Also, this "beta" will likely be less about refining the game and more about marketing. If it basically amounts to an exclusive demo, there's no reason why they can't launch it right before releasing the game.

MurDocINC2284d ago

People don't be fool!
I preorder MoH for BF3 beta, and only got 2 days early access. I except the same BS with BF4 beta.

JKelloggs2284d ago

Maybe March 2013? Like Bad Company 2, that was in March, so who knows?

But seeing as we've only heard word from it now, I reckon 2013 Q4

badz1492283d ago

damn! BF4? so soon? this is bad idea EA, BAD IDEA!

3GenGames2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Honestly, I agree with the guy above me. BAD idea, considering that engine for BFBC2 is 10x better than the engine that was with the console versions that looks terrible, is way too clunky, and is just all around worse.

DeadlyFire2283d ago

Well I am expecting BF 4 Q4 2013. Beta builds are done 1-2 months max before game is released. Fall 2013 means Winter 2013 at latest for Battlefield 4 launch.

Gotta go pre-order Medal of Honor now. I believe they will use Frostbite 2.5 to make Battlefield 4 on Next-gen consoles as a launch game with alot of big bang appeal to gamers.

I think they will use Bad Company 3 for 2015 as a game in the middle or throw it in 2014 somewhere.

andibandit2283d ago

Why not wait with BF4 for the next generation of consoles, slap 64Multiplayer on that thing and start the generation with a BIG BANG.

zeeshan2283d ago

This is against almost everything that DICE said. I remember that they said that BF4 will NOT come on current gen consoles. Now, there is an argument that perhaps BF4 could be a launch title for the next-gen consoles but I HIGHLY doubt that as I think EA would love to cash in the huge install base of both PS3 and XBOX360.

Secondly, I also remember DICE saying that they hated doing the whole DEMO thing and that they will not do this again as putting out demos online creates more problem as people start complaining about an incomplete project (Even though I believe that BF3 was in fact incomplete even after the launch) (Heck it took them 3 months to fix simple VOIP problem on PS3).

But I guess EA wants to make as much money as possible by handing out early access BETA codes (! 2 days anyone!?)

DICE are now officially EA's bitch and I am afraid that they are going to ruin the BF series only to compete with another crappy title namely Call of Duty.

DeadlyFire2283d ago

There will be two versions of the game. One current and one next gen.

As long as competing doesnt mean copying it could work.

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Andreas-Sword2284d ago

I hope Bad Company 3 comes first, and then Battlefield 4!

taquito2284d ago

bad company is just an off-shoot of the true bf series, i dont think there will be anymore bad compnay

Brixxer6002284d ago

I'm one of those who prefers the Bad Company spin off , i really want to see Bad Company 3 before Bf4 .

Adityac2283d ago

This Bad Company series is a bit like the Need For Speed: Underground series isn't it? Everyone wants the third game.

gedapeleda2283d ago

I really want it to be based on bc1
best shooter this gen period.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232284d ago

it was already a pre-order before i knew about the BETA.

solar2283d ago

EA cared less about BF til this generation where CoD was a big seller. 2005 til 2011 between actual BF series sequels means EA saw what BF3 can do for sales, now we are going to get another watered down military shooter. thank you mainstream gaming.

Azmatik2283d ago

OMG cant wait! MoH is amazing to me loved the first one and the storyline! BF4 will be just rediculous!!! EA has a rlly good plan to take over the industry with BF & MoH like this. And im lovin it!

showtimefolks2283d ago

so to compete with COD its MOH one year than BF the other

I hope we see respawn's new game along with more from insomniac about their new game

as long as the quality is good i don't mind, I am not gonna hate COD and not gonna hate on BF or MOH

let's see how the quality is before we start calling it fail.

its amazing how people hate on FPS each fall yet we keep getting AC games and that's fine(double standard)

AIndoria2283d ago

Still, every two year release cycle for a game is better than releasing same stuff with slightly revamped engine every November.

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Straightupbeastly2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

This is hilarious. They're so desperate to sell medal of honor they need to put bf4 betas in it, another overrated franchise

PockyKing2284d ago

What are you talking about? The game sold over 4 million copies.

jaosobno2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Nobody gave a s*it for MOH until they announced BF3 beta access as a bonus.

That's the only reason why that crappy game ever sold a decent amount of copies.

Straightupbeastly2284d ago

And there were less than 2000 people online after the first week

Diver2284d ago

what system were you on cause I have it for the ps3 an that first week there were tens o thousands online on all plats. an the next week an the next. sorry hater but it took longer than a week to drop off. you sound like a desperate cod fan. go back an look at the stats an quite makin up crap.

2283d ago
PockyKing2283d ago

Yea? And that's called good marketing whether you like it or not haha.

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dirthurts2284d ago

I actually liked the last one.
It's good marketing, I can't argue with that one.

jizzyjones2284d ago

Its very sad.....surely giving it to all BF premium players would be the smarter thing to do

Crazyglues2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Well actually they did this last time too, Medal of Honor limited edition came with BF3 access..

And even though the game only sold 1.5 million in it's first five days, a number most game companies would love to have, EA stated they promoted it heavy..

-so they were hoping for more like 3 to 4 million in sales..

So you can't really blame them for trying everything they can to push the game, that's what I expect from EA..

And it is Smart Marketing...


Ducky2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

They made a big blunder by giving MoH owners only a day or two early access to the beta.

That, and the beta itself was pretty bad even by beta standards.

Given the past precedent, buying the new MoH just for BF4 beta doesn't seem like an enticing offer.

EA has just become a mirror of Activision now. Dice is similar to IW, while DangerClose is similar to TreyArch. Each takes a turn plopping out a military shooter with scheduled DLC.

Parasyte2283d ago

Where they messed up with the BF3 beta was they released the PC Alpha build of the game as the console beta version.

2283d ago
Straightupbeastly2283d ago

If I was a cod fan I'd be looking forward to warfighter

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Plagasx2284d ago

So I guess we are gonna BF4 at E3 next year but PLEASE, for the love of god, GIVE US BC3 FIRST!

seanpitt232284d ago

Iam not getting bf4 if it's on this current hardware I will only get it for ps4