This Is Why Gamer Girls Are Better Than Us

Girls that actually enjoy gaming are such a minority that they are overshadowed by the average girl who just wants to shop and paint their nails.

One might think that this is an advantage because it’s so easy to stand out, but the reality

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Frankfurt2337d ago

Uh... more women play games than men. Farmville? Angry Birds? Those are games, the most played games in the world, in fact, and they are played by mostly women.

user54670072337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

This is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard

Why do we need articles telling us why girl gamers are better then "us". You either a gamer or you arn't

I will say this though there are more fake girl gamers out there then men.

Girls who are gamers, for me, go into two categories...

"Girl Gamers" - The ones I call when I know they just play games for their own social reasons (try to fit in, proove something, the attention) and really don't give a crap about games...oooo you play on a few big blockbuster games and get into the hype over a new game coming out...yeah that makes you a gamer alright. People think that because you keep up with big blockster games or old classics that your a gamer when theres more to it. Could you tell me what E3 is, the VGAs, Gabe Newell, Ken Levin. Amy Hennig for example.

The second category is

Just a "gamer" - Where I know you actually have a passion for gamers and arn't doing it for your own social like games plain and simple and could easily talk to me about games coming out...not just repeat what you've seen on the internet. I know this "girl gamer" who says shes a gamer and loves games, gets hyped up over a gamer then wouldn't buy it untill a few months after and even then only play on it a little's embarrassing. Theres a difference between having a console and playing on games to pass the time or when your bored compared to actually having that passion for games.

I'm not trying to be sexist but the thing people have got to grasp is that games have always been targeted at men, always have been always will be. I'm not saying there wasn't any girl gamers back when the NES was released or the PS1 but they were very rare since it was always assoicated to the steretotype of men and their "geek/nerd" culture. It's only since the Wii came out in 2006 and made gaming more mainstream that we are seeing more "girl gamers"...sorry to offend any of you girls on this site, obviously you must be gamers because you've actually bothered in signing up to a gaming website and have the time to comment so this dosen't really target you....just the you know ones at the start of a multiplayer game who say something like


Yeah...the ones who make you look bad and started this whole "girl gamer" debate.