ZTGD | Rainbow Moon Review

Jeff Borsick writes: Rainbow Moon, a new strategy RPG for PSN, is made by SideQuest Studios, a company without a significant pedigree. However, being a pretty big fan of role-playing games, when this creator of the excellent Soldner X and X-2 decided it wanted to take a stab at a strategy RPG, it got me excited. After sinking some time into it, though, I’ve discovered that this game is not for me. That isn’t to say it’s a bad game; not in the least. This is a love letter to the role-playing gamers that live for turn base strategy. Rainbow Moon makes a great effort to ensure you are of the old school crowd, as grinding via countless battles takes center stage.

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Robotronfiend2283d ago

Hmm, I haven't had to grind much at all to progress, but I'm playing on Normal-Adventuresome. I'm about 20-some hours in now and have Gorodo in my party. I sell health potions on a regular basis as they keep clogging up my inventory!

The most I had to grind was 5-10 battles before I took out the Gelatin Boss in Gorodo's basement.

You're right though, this game is a love letter to fans of turn-based RPGs.