The Witcher 2: "Half our players didn't realise" there were multiple paths

The Witcher 2 developers CD Projekt Red suspect around half the game’s players didn’t realise the story branched for the second act, and say this was a failure of design.

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da_2pacalypse2286d ago

I don't think there is a design problem... Witcher was a very mature game that required the player to pay attention to the story in order to make the correct decisions. If somebody missed the fact that the story branched in act 2, they likely just weren't paying any attention.

Irishguy952286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

You have to speak to Iorvath and Roach before you realize, I didn't know the actual game would branch off, we just don't get it anymore/ Story would change? Sure...the location? Nope. No idea how this is a game design fault, this is what made it so good. You make a big choice and it affects your play through. My first play through will always be 'my' Cannon one.

RankFTW2286d ago

It's pretty obvious tbh. This isn't a failure of design but instead a failure of the brain if you didn't realise.

MilkMan2286d ago

Game is EXCELLENT as is.
But if they can find a way to make it even better, then go for it.
Just don't water it down. Please.

Mythicninja2286d ago

Failure or not, it is very cool that CDprojekt owns up to potential mistakes of theirs (I'm looking at you bioware). CD projekt red has my respect

vikingland12286d ago

I research a game before I buy. I knew there were different endings so that would mean making different choices. Consumers should do research before buying I think.

Laxman2286d ago

That ruins so much of the surprise and joy of a story. I feel sorry for you if you do that with all your games (or at least RPGs).

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The story is too old to be commented.