11 Cared For Characters In Gaming (eGamer)

Characters. Characters everywhere. Be it in movies, books, real life and yes, gaming; you’ll always find some interesting characters.

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Them_Bones2285d ago

Only characters I cared for this gen were John Marston and Ezio Auditore, also Cole Phelps but I lost all my respect for him at a certain part of the game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2285d ago

Agro (Shadow Of The Colossus) and Huey (Haunting Ground) still have won my heart to this day....

gamerwiips3602285d ago

as one of the Most Cared characters of our Time! This is an Epic Game in all proportions.. From that mind blowing Art/ Mexico Setting, Gripping 7 Emotional Story and well.. The Ending.. :(
A Rare case for me when it happened.. I can't believe R* has taken this Far. Sure GTA Killer and the Best One yet from R*.
Right up there with this Gen's Best Bioshock/UC2/ME2/MGS 4.

Thank You R*.

ShaunCameron2285d ago

For me it's....

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Jimmy Hopkins (Bully: Scholarship Edition)
Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

prototypeknuckles2284d ago

Finally someone that appreciates Elika besides me