Nintendo Enthusiast go hands-on with the Wii U and are happy to report it was Awesome

Nintendo Enthusiast:

"If you want the TLDR version, it’s this: The Wii U rocks and many people don’t even know it. It’s quite possibly everything you wished for and more. People aren’t grasping just how good some of these games are, and all of them, so far, are loads of fun. ZombiU was the star of the show, proving that survival horror can once again be survival horror without turning into an action movie (looking at you, Resident Evil.) Pikmin 3 left gamers anxious to see more. New Super Mario Bros U will satisfy Mario games with its diversity, fun, and enhanced visuals. Project P-100 seems really deep, and it’s obvious that the demo is only scratching the surface of what it has to offer. And NintendoLand is a lot better than most people imagine. These aren’t just mini-games; they’re somewhere in-between mini-games and real games and they’re actually quite fun."

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remanutd552310d ago

i want to see another appealing exclusive game besides ZombieU and the upcoming Zelda wii u game, hope to see it soon so i can get on the bandwagon !!!!!!

Samus HD2310d ago

Mario and pikmin seemed very appealing to me

remanutd552309d ago

to you yes, to me NOT AT ALL.

SandWitch2310d ago

Nintendo Enthusiast liked Nintendo console. How unexpected

live2play2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

nintendo haters DID NOT like the console.
How unexpected.

see it can work both ways

what is truly funny is that
you would believe a nintendo hater more for NOT liking the console

than a
nintendo lover FOR liking the console

TruthbeTold2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Seriously. Let's also not forget that unlike many haters, Nintendo Enthusiast actually tried the console and games out first hand.

SandWitch2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Well, that how it works I guess

Actually I like Wii U, but I am PlayStation fanboy so won't admit it. Oh damn... I just did.

Whatever, just ignore my comment, these fanboy things confused me quite a bit

JoNaZ_RG2310d ago

finally someone said something logical here.

Menashe2310d ago

As I always say, we point out Nintendo's flaws without shame on Nintendo Enthusiast. But that doesn't mean we don't get excited when there's something worthy of getting excited about.

There's a reason we called the site Nintendo Enthusiast and not Nintendo Fanboys. We hate when people are blind to Nintendo's faults. And the truth of the matter is that we had a blast with ZombiU, we were itching to go beyond the demo with Pikmin 3 and Project P-100, and we were happily surprised that NintendoLand and New Super Mario Bros U were a lot better than people had made them out to be.

VanillaBear2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Nintendo Enthusiast

A news gaming site for Nintendo related stuff full of Nintendo writers is saying the Wii U is good.


Yeah lets take their word for it /s

(GynGa beat me to it)

DarkBlood2310d ago

well i wouldnt take the other side seriously either when it could be thier secret chance to diss without actual "hands on" experince

live2play2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

and who's word WOULD you take?
someone not a fan of nintendo? who doesnt play nintendos franchises?

yea ok that would not be a biased point of view in the slightest

when a compliment is thrown the wiiu's way, you dont believe

when an insult is thrown wiiu's way, you meet with applause


i hope you are trolling for fun, i hope you are not this backwards thinking
because if this is how you actually are...

user54670072310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

If you think what he said is trolling then I realy would like to think what you think of the actual trolls on this site...the real ones, not the ones you call because your angry and need something "mean" to call someone. Ever heard of a user called Loner on this site, yeah he was a troll, the definition of one.

I really think people take other peoples opinion on something to heart and resort to calling someone a troll when in fact it's just a user opinion (good or bad) not someone trolling.

omarzy2310d ago

Why would i take the word of a Nintendo hater for Nintendo stuff? Who would you listen to for Nintendo info? You can't take Nintendo's word since you don't take the word of fans seriously, and no idiot would take the word of someone who does not like Nintendo. Maybe Sony would be a better source for all things good about Nintendo.

juegosmajicos2310d ago

As it turns out, we also have a site for everything else, called "Gaming Enthusiast". Some of the editors are the same for both sites.

Either way, I never understand comments like yours. Do you think we're getting paid for every time we say we like Nintendo? How come it never occurs to you guys that the name of our site is what it is BECAUSE we like Nintendo, as opposed to us praising Nintendo because it's the name of our site.

When we praise Nintendo, it's because we like what they're doing. To think that's fanboyish is thoroughly stupid - it's really just a showing of preference. Simply stating "the WiiU is great", or "Nintendo is great" does not in any way translate to "sony is terrible" or "microsoft are dicks". If you guys left the "console war" mentality behind once in a while I guarantee you'd appreciate gaming a whole lot more on a regular basis.

user54670072310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

"Do you think we're getting paid for every time we say we like Nintendo? How come it never occurs to you guys that the name of our site is what it is BECAUSE we like Nintendo, as opposed to us praising Nintendo because it's the name of our site."

Dosen't it work both ways like Nintendo so it's not like your going to say something negative about something as BIG as the Wii U on your site...paid for it or not. If you like something a lot then your more likely to be more resistant to observing and writing about the negative things and instead just focus on the good.

I love Uncharted and didn't want to admit what ND had done to the online in Uncharted 3. It wasn't untill a few months after it came out I finally had to admit they added COD like elements to it. I totaly ignored this at first though because I liked the game and ND.

Look at ONM they do exactly the same thing...when we had the whole uproar about the 3DS Price, they ignored it, when we watched the E3 2011 and 2012 shows and saw criticism against the Wii U they ignore it, when Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS because of the PSV pricing and because it was wrong of them to try and sell the 3DS so high in price they praised them and made it look like they were doing it for fans not because of the real reasons.

Just saying.

juegosmajicos2310d ago

That can be true in some cases MikeCosgrove, but to assume that it is somehow a practical rule by which gaming sites can be judged is presumptuous, and in that case I would say it's the reader himself (VanillaBear in this case), that instantly typecasts the website in an effort to protect his own views. For example, let's say he likes Sony, and because of his "console war" mentality he is afraid of other companies pushing out good products. With that in mind, he will unconsciously call out every Nintendo and Microsoft-supporting website as "fanboyish", as that gives immunity to his own opinion.

Of course his opinion is probably much more complex than that, which happens to be the judgment journalists and critics would expect in kind from their audience. I'm just saying, it'd be nice to get some articles greeted by "well, I'm sure they talk about both the good and the bad" as opposed to an immediate "oh they're so biased, why can't they be more objective LIKE US IMPARTIAL READERS".

As for pointing out the flaws, of course we all raised a stink and struggled to understand what happened at E3 2012. Not saying anyone should be expected to keep with a website's history, but rather that whatever assumption you make about a website based on their name is bound to be totally inaccurate.

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Menashe2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Can we focus on the content of this article, which discusses the SPECIFICS of the Wii U games, without getting into another major fight about fanboys and trolls, etc?

We chose to call the site Nintendo Enthusiast, not Nintendo Fanboy. There's a reason for the specific wording. We like Nintendo and we hope they do well. But, we try and run an intelligent site for Nintendo fans who want the truth, both good or bad.

Luckily, this time it happens to be good. Read the article and you will be given the details of why we liked the games; not mindless hype.

NobodyImportant2310d ago

Is the Nintendo Enthusiast well versed in the other consoles that launched this generation?
Because, quite frankly, anything is going to be awesome compared to the Wii.

On a serious note though. Good write up.
I'm beginning to get tempted by the Wii U.
ZombiU is right up my street.

Menashe2310d ago

Check out our other site, Gaming Enthusiast. We have around fifty staff members overall working on both sites. So, yes, we are well-versed in all manners of gaming this generation, previous generations, and future generations. (We can time travel.)

juegosmajicos2309d ago

Just to try a quick head count:
Menashe comes from before the NES era, and he's now big into indie pc games.
Mike D jumped from the PS2 to the Wii.
Ryan, Andy, Alaska, Josh, Derek, and the guest staff are all multiplatform, some being early SEGA gamers.
I'm multiplatform, PC included. I'd have to consider myself well versed in all consoles to take the position of editor-in-chief for GamingEnthusiast, which I did.

Having said that, we all share a common love for Nintendo, specifically when it comes to Mario, Metroid, and Zelda (for the most part). Personally, I think Valve is the only other company that is really coming close to the level of Nintendo for me (we'll see once Half-Life 3 comes out, if ever), but I'll still keep Nintendo in a special spot for being brilliant at both software and hardware development.

NobodyImportant2309d ago

Cool. So you guys obviously know your stuff.

I've always been a Nintendo Fan (apart from the Wii - hardware wise) Swapped to the PS3 this gen.
I've owned all the Ninty consoles, and I'm a massive Zelda, Metroid and Mario fan.

Haven't played Galaxy 2 or Skyward Sword yet (have all the other games though) as I sold the Wii halfway through the gen. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with them with the Wii U. It has BC right?

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