What’s The Most Overrated Game You’ve Ever Played?

Uproxx writes: Recently, I finally got a chance to play Assassin’s Creed II. It sold millions of copies, gained widespread critical acclaim, and… I found myself wondering why.

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EcoSos32376d ago

Damn I have played so many so Ill say a few Mass Effect 3 my friend finally got me to play them and I was like WTF just happen never care for any of the characters and never got into the games so the ending meh. Uncharted 3 finish it and never went back I played the mp like 3 times, also Skyward Sword at first was fun and then the back and forward, back and froward got boring really fast but i still did finish it.

Yi-Long2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

... but I never really got into Uncharted, even after all the praise it received, and after REALLY wanting to like it.

In the end, while gorgeous, I just didn't really care for the character (Drake), and I felt the gameplay became quite boring and predictable (I'm not a fan of cover-shooters).

Bunch of bad guys, shoot at them from behind cover, sometimes dodge a grenade, then go for a section of climbing and jumping, until you come across bad guys again, then more climbing and jumping, etc etc. It had a few change-ups like the car-section, but still...

Also, Halo.

I got the 1st Halo with the original Xbox, but stopped played when The Flood came (Library level). Very annoying. I'm not a big sci-fi fan anyway, and didn't care AT ALL for Master Chief.

Also tried Halo 2 which I bought cheap, but even though I thought the set-pieces were quite impressive, I really didn't care enough to keep playing it.

I really need to find a game and gameplay challenging, the characters interesting, and the story entertaining, to keep playing.

Those game mentioned are just a bit too lineair for me. I need a bit more freedom.

I DID love GTA4, I DID love Assassin's Creed 2, I loved Yakuza 4, and right now I'm really getting into Dark Souls (which is also a bit lineair, but at least very challenging and gives you some freedom in how you build your characters and the weapons you choose)

lociefer2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

GTA4 hands down, it really felt like a chore playing it , oh and twisted metal,dead space, every freakin crysis, and max payne3, please dont kill me ><

jony_dols2376d ago

Loved Uncharted 1 & 2, but I was indifferent towards number 3. It didn't feel like much of an improvement & the story of the 2nd game was far more interesting.

LightofDarkness2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I agree with the author's perspective on ACII, I was left quite underwhelmed when I played it. Infamous was the better game (probably the best sandbox game of '09).

I'll agree with Uncharted, it's really only overrated around here though (you know how N4G is), although quite a few reviewers tend to go a little over-board about it. I loved the first one, I felt the second wasn't particularly memorable and couldn't even finish the 3rd (and I didn't even care).

But I also found Dark Souls to be a tad overrated. I'll try it a second time when it releases on PC next month, but my first time around it failed to grab me, even though Demon's Souls managed to captivate me for about 40 hours. I'd say that's a more controversial opinion :p

FFX is a big gripe of mine, that is without a doubt the most overrated game I've ever played. FFVIII was quite overrated too, although I think history has treated that game somewhat justly (it never ranks in any FF top 5s, really), despite reviewers giving it 9s and 10s at the time. Kingdom Hearts too. FFX and Kingdom Hearts managed to make me quit JRPGs for about 4 or 5 years. That is the depth of my hate for them.

Anyway, fun topic. For every disagree I get, I shall donate 1 kernel of popcorn to my mouth.

badz1492376d ago

no contest there! Personally, I think over rated means high review scores, no award. Thus GTAIV!

For those saying Uncharted games are over rated, the awards speak volume. Doesn't mean you and a bunch of people don't like it, it's automatically over rated. Get over yourselves! I don't get into Halo amd Mario too but I don't consider them over rated. Milking, yeah but never over rated!

-Alpha2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I dont mind uncharted's high scores but I generally find the "perfect, best game this gen, amazing story" claims to be highly exaggerated. I liked UC2 a lot, but would never overpraise the gameplay and story. For me:

Gta IV
MW2 and 3
Halo Reach
Red Dead

inveni02376d ago

Gears of War, bar none.

Second place goes to the Mass Effect series.

Boody-Bandit2376d ago

GTAIV - The cutscenes were better than the gameplay. The game was way too repetitive and honestly felt like a chore.

JoySticksFTW2376d ago

AC series and especially Revelations

Den defense (in Rev), horrid controls

AC always had sloppy controls that would make you jump in random directions during missions or chase scenes.

I still enjoy AC (at discounted prices like the $15 PSN+ Brotherhood deal), but the only good things about Revelations were Altair's scenes and the addition of the Stalkers.

And GTA IV is the worst one in the series and a serious downgrade from San Andreas. I said it.

I like the top down GTA's more than IV.

nix2376d ago

@lociefer: true.. GTAIV was the soo freaking overhyped and the game was equally boring. i didn't even finish it.

guitarded772376d ago


Now feel free to bury me in disagrees.

Kingdom Come2376d ago

@ Alpha

No offence, but, you don't have an Xbox 360, so how could you consider Halo Reach to be overrated?

Anon19742375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Halo Reach for me. I'll never understand the high reviews scores this received as I felt it was by far the worst of the series. I love Halo, I love the universe, I love the gameplay (although never a fan of the mp online) and I just felt like Bungie phoned it in. The new weapons were uninspired (alien shotgun? How original) the missions where simple "Run from point a to point b pretty much in a straight line" and the story was non-existent without a single, memorable moment with the exception of that "FU" ending. The whole thing just left me perplexed and frustrated considering how much I enjoyed the previous installments in the franchise. It was completely underwhelming and before someone says "Yeah, but did you read the books," No. I didn't read the books, nor should I have to read a book for a game in order to enjoy it. A game's story should be able to stand on it's own, and Reach's faceless grunts just didn't do it for me compared to the rich, sci-fi epic I had played before.

MysticStrummer2375d ago

Such a perfect article for this cesspool called N4G. For me it's Halo 1&2 and Assassin's Creed 1. Playing those games made me wonder what people saw in them. I played Halo 1&2 for free (borrowed XBox) and still couldn't make myself finish them. At least with Call of Duty, I understand what people like about it even if I don't like it myself. LA Noire was another highly reviewed game I had to make myself finish.

solidjun52375d ago

GTA IV for me. That was an overhype mess of a game. Just boring. Halo Reach as well, but it wasn't as boring as GTA IV.

Last would be Call of Duty MW2. It made me not purchase the third iteration in the Moder Warfare series. Turned out I was right not purchasing MW3 after my brother told me it was a huge mess.

Dante1122375d ago

I think Gears of War and Halo is overrated. People here speak as if those are the games of the decade, when in reality they couldn't even win one Spike Game of the Year award. The Uncharted 2 game even has one but get hated on so much here (Has hundreds of awards actually).

Hellsvacancy2375d ago

I agree with Gta IV, MW2/3 but Red Dead? thats surprising, i really enjoyed Red Dead

Resident Evil 5 and Bioshock get my vote, i hated Res 5, Bioshock? the hype hurt it for me, i waited till it came to the PS3, i kinda expected too much, didnt like Bioshock 2 either

Bioshock 3 looks insane, i shall buy it day 1

-Alpha2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


I couldn't get in to it, found it incredibly boring, but perhaps I just didn't stick through it long enough. I don't have a strong enough opinion to really argue it, so whatever.


For the few four or so months I had an Xbox, Halo Reach was the game I had for it.

ChiVoLok02375d ago

Well for me it's Skyrim or Ocarina of Time.

thats_just_prime2375d ago

the most overrated game I played its a toss up between GTA4 and Skyrim a close 2nd place would be Halo 3

Army_of_Darkness2375d ago

I mean mass effect series. lol!

Awesome_Gamer2375d ago

To people saying uncharted is overrated, sorry but Uncharted is the best game series this gen and that is not my opinion, it's most real games"s opinion. And GTA IV isn't overrated it's the best game in the series and it's the best open world crime game this gen (better that saints row, mafia)

On-Topic: Skyrim, buggy as fuck (even on 360) dark souls was way better

ShinMaster2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


Mass Effect:

Below average character customization, even for just the head.
Below average third-person shooter.
Below average RPG elements (after turning it into a TPS).
Average animations.

So what is this game being praised on again? Oh right, story!
Might as well make it into a movie or novel, instead of basing the whole CATCH of the series on BS choice making. It's better off as an interactive Sci Fi story.


Simplistic and average combat.
Forgettable story, devoid of any sense of urgency, drama or emotion.
Lack of focus.
Bland, dead characters.
Below average animations.
You're choices and accomplishments don't seem to matter.
Boring and repetitive fetch quests.

The catch? Massive, pretty and landscapes to pointlessly wonder around and level up in.
Boring IMO.

Fallout 3:

Also boring and suffers from similar issues mentioned in Skyrim above.

Also, Call Of Duty,
Gears of War,
Diablo III,
Arkham City,
SM Galaxy 1/2,
New Mario Kart games,
Motion controls,
Angry Birds.

It's NOT that these are bad games. Not at all....
But the overhype level in many of these is absurd. And when supercharged by fanboyism and the media, the masses become blind sheep.

da_2pacalypse2375d ago

ME3. The game is pure trash, not sure why it gets so much love. The other two games are absolutely amazing, this one is just rushed and weak. It's pathetic.

Irishguy952375d ago

I agree Alpha, Red dead, I actually put up with it for quite a while, generally found it boring and tedious, riding a horse is not nearly as fun as speeding through traffic or flying a helicopter, which is what kept my interest in GTA(even though I also got bored of GTA4)

Also with Uncharted I agree, Great games. But overrated, definitely not the best games ever created. Not close again imo.

Now...Skyrim, holy ****. How in the world did it get so much praise? It's so formulaic for an open world game, it's got nothing on Fallout 3 or NV. It has zero unique quests. Go to dungeon/kill draugr or spiders/defeat level scaled boss at end/ collect dragon shout and quest item. And the dragons were such a disappointment. They were just an annoyance, had zero challenge to them etc. Never mind the vast array of average features/gameplay/combat that it contains. The only + it's got is a nice looking open world to explore. That's all it's got, if you want an exploration game, get Skyrim. Want a fun RPG? look somewhere else

Kevin ButIer2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I learned my lesson with the first AC, when u finally get used to the chunky game mechanics, you find out that the game is actually pretty boring... i just drop the series

xflo3602375d ago

halo o.d.s.t - what a pile of s#*t!!!

xflo3602375d ago

@shinmaster. .. oh boy! you were doin so well until you got to ff7, then you slightly lost the plot with arkham city then ultmately went stark raving bonkers with mario galaxy 1&2 - those are all undoubted classics!

DebateMaster2375d ago

So you don't care for the main character and you don't like cover shooters but you expected not to find the gameplay boring?

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Dark112376d ago

I agree .. for me i think
Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted and halo are Overrated.

Thatguy-3102376d ago

For those saying that Uncharted doesn't deserve the praise are just in denial. Yea the story and gamplay don't bring nothing new but that's not what gets the praise. The praise comes from the amazimg cinematic experience,amazing voice acting that helps make the story believable and intense. I mean the plot of the stories are genetic but little things add up that make it amazing. Character development, chemistry betwen characters etc. Uncharted 2 deserves the praise that it gets. Well uncharted 2 especifique

Old McGroin2376d ago


The Uncharted series received a lot of awards from reviewers etc and a few people found it didn't live up to all the hype, hence why they think it's overrated.

I loved Uncharted 2, finished it in 2 days, couldn't put the pad down, but I got bored of part 3 pretty quickly (can't explain why, just did) so I'd go with Uncharted 3 as my choice.

slayorofgods2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Uncharted does deserve praise for it's graphics and cinematic's.. No denying that.

But I think from a perspective of game play and overall fun factor it is s bit over rated. I mean I enjoyed the eye candy but once I finished the first game I could never get myself into playing it again.. From a perspective for actual game enjoyment in this type of genre, I think the original tomb raider has Uncharted beat by quiet a big margin. Tomb Raider is a game I poured a lot more time into when it first came out.

peowpeow2376d ago

I only completed Uncharted 2, enjoyed it but felt it to be slightly overrated, except for the top-notch presentation.

MysticStrummer2375d ago

@dboyc310 - People that don't like a game you do aren't necessarily in denial. They just have a different opinion about what makes a great game. That's why this kind of article is so perfect for N4G. Honest people are hard to distinguish from trolls in an article like this.

floetry1012375d ago

People who are defending Uncharted and the like, THESE ARE OPINIONS.

I loved Uncharted 2, and would probably consider it Naughty Dog's greatest game, even over my favourite Crash Bandicoot title.

On the other hand, I found Uncharted 3 to be a regressive game in every way, and in no way close to being as good as 2. More bullet sponge enemy types, tedious early levels and an ending that almost directly pastes the Uncharted 2 climax.

You might think differently, so be it. Just don't force your opinion onto other people.

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ATi_Elite2376d ago

Oh my Gosh without question!

H.A.L.O. Combat Evolved!

So much hype that i wanted to throw up every time I heard someone say "Halo"!

I played it and fighting the same 3 covenant got old, repetitive, and boring really quick!

MP was fun though but till to this day I always thought Red Faction SP was better than Halo!

O-ver-rated clap clap clappity clap!

ronin4life2376d ago

Halo 1 was great and deserved praise in my opinion.
Every halo after that, however...^_^;

peowpeow2376d ago

I think H3 MP deserves praise. Perhaps overrated but still deserving of praise, being one of the most robust, balanced and competitive online fps on consoles this gen

Septic2375d ago

Completely disagree. Halo Combat Evolved sold me onto the original Xbox and I found the campaign to be amazing. The story, the level design, the weapons and the controls of the was a breath of fresh air.

The story was brilliant, the setting of a ring shaped planet that turns out to be a weapon. The enemies, the covenant were so cool! The Elites were imposing enemy commanders, the grunts funny and original cannon fodder but deadly in numbers, the jackals with their shields, the huge tank like aliens whose name I forget! Then you got the flood who were terrifying. THEN the sentinels!

So all of a sudden you have a four way battle between the covenant, flood, sentinels and humans! All in some epic battlefields coupled with, what was at the time, amazing AI in some awe inspiring levels with great music.

Compound this with the fact that you could only carry two weapons at a time, a fresh concept at the time and the weapons themselves were brilliant and original. The needler for example! Also the plasma pistol you power up, the really cool assault rifle and OP pistol. Even the sniper rifle and plasma repeater susceptible to overheating. Just brilliant.

THEN throw in some amazing and original vehicles into the mix. That in itself was a new standard for console fps'. And these weren't just any vehicles. Look at them; the Warthog is an instant classic. The ghost, the don't see originality like that these days. THEN consider the original and.quite ingenious way you controlled the vehicles: via the camera! And it works really well whilst enhancing the cinematic value of the sequence.

Halo is the definition of a killer app. Comparing it to the likes of Red Faction is completely missing the point. People like to scoff at it and call it overrated but the fact remains that it revolutionised console fps gaming, in particular its sequel and online multiplayer.

The fact that it pretty much single handedly made the Xbox the success it is today speaks volumes. Without Halo, there most likely wouldn't have been a 360 today. Legendary game.

Dannycr2375d ago


The convenant cool? I'm sorry (I know I will get tons of disagrees) but I haven't seen enemies so Kiddy looking and simply not badass at all. I've never felt threatened by them and the first thing that I thought when I saw those "chili willy" penguin-like creatures (The grunts) on Halo CE was: If these things are whats "invading" this planet, then this army and soldiers are the worst ever.

xflo3602375d ago

halo o.d.s.t was worse, far worse!

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Thatguy-3102376d ago

Uncharted 3 for me but I mean it didn't even get that Much praise like Among Thieves so i wouldn't call it overated. Except for those random 10's

Haha1232376d ago

Modern Warfare 2
Infamous 2
and Uncharted 3

Dms20122376d ago

If you want agrees you will have to leave out any Ps3 exclusives on your list of overrated games.

slayorofgods2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

That is what we call preaching to the choir. Not everyone agree's that ps3 exclusives are the greatest games ever made.. And if you are a minority in the subject it takes guts to be the straight shooter.

The agree / disagree system is a bad system anyway because sometimes the best arguments are more rated on popularity instead of the actual knowledge for the subject at hand.... Just saying

Philoctetes2376d ago

GTA 4 and it isn't close. Not that GTA 4 is a horrible game or anything -- it's a solid 7 or a shaky 8, which makes it worth playing. But it was getting 10s left and right when it first came out.

jn2002dk2375d ago

Agreed though i do think there is one other game that comes close which is Half Life 2

I never understood why that game got so much praise

Oh_Yeah2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

gta 4, gears of war

gta: not what i expected, took to much away from san andreas, didnt really like niko, camera was broken, still good fun though, the episodes made up for me not liking niko

gears of war: just an average cover based shooter, the story never grabbed me, didnt like the character design/ characters

torchic2376d ago

Gay Tony redeemed GTA IV quite a bit.

JoySticksFTW2375d ago

GTA IV dlc is dlc done right.

Entertaining and much better than the main game.

solar2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Killzone 2

mabreu2376d ago

All Angry Birds game and Wii Sports games. The fact that these are the best selling games of all time just makes me puke.

gedapeleda2375d ago

I must admit it's uncharted series.
The plot was like some cheap holywood adventure movie with stupid dialogue and jokes for 7 year olds,
shooting was boring, climbing was boring,only good thig were graphics.

GuyThatPlaysGames2375d ago

Hands down my 2 choices are: 1.Crysis and 2.HAZE

MostJadedGamer2375d ago

LittleBigPlanet. Talk about scraping your fingernails against a chalkboard. It was painful just to play the 15 to 20 minutes I put it to that piece of garbage.

Knushwood Butt2375d ago

I beat Uncharted 3 for the second time just last weekend, and it's definitely my least favourite of the series.

Still a good game, and yeah, it's beautiful, but the weakest IMO. I prefer Golden Abyss over it too.

Unlimax2375d ago

The name "call of duty" is truly overrated !!

Unlimax2375d ago

Yeah brainwashed kids .. run away from the truth !

Ryo-Hazuki2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I would probably have to go with Mass Effect (series). It's so boring. Fight skirmishes, talk...rinse repeat over and over. I've beaten ME1 and ME2 but couldn't get myself to finish ME3. I was forcing myself to play ME every second...gameplay just wasn't enjoyable to me.

Of course COD is overrated

OhMyGandhi2375d ago


For me, Resident Evil 4...people fell in love with it, and i just saw the bastardization of a franchise, turning into something it's not.

Now, with Resident Evil 6 around the corner, people wounder why they didn't go back to survival horror...

THESONYPS32375d ago

Mass Effect series and the Uncharted Series was Amazing. Uncharted 3 was better than two. Also AC2 wa amazing for it's time.

Mutant-Spud2375d ago

GTAIV , Arkham City and Skyrim, the most overrated, yet boring games I've ever played.

lpc2375d ago

loru Gta 4 thi overrated