American McGee doesn't much like console game development now; why we should pay attention

Digitally Downloaded writes: "He might be only the most recent in a long stream of industry veterans to speak out against traditional development models and for freemium gameplay, but American McGee is a voice worth listening to – this guy deserves a whole lot of respect."

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EcoSos32287d ago

I'll have to admit I have no idea who this guy is I only heard his name because of Alice Madness, so why should we pay attention to what he said.

MattS2287d ago

Because something or someone can only be important if you've heard of it/ him/ her, right?

EcoSos32287d ago

Nope I have heard of the iPad, Xbox 360 and Michael Patcher and I still dont care for any of them.

jony_dols2287d ago

Alice Madness Returns had a great art style, but it's gameplay was incredibly repetitive & it bored the socks off me.

Maybe American McGee should take a long look at improving the core mechanics of his game's rather than blaming consoles

sarshelyam2287d ago

I can't say that I agree, and that's why subjectivity is pointless when discussing the medium of gaming. To each, their own!

ShaunCameron2286d ago

I'm saddened to hear he didn't make much money off of A:MR.