The True Meaning of Sephiroth and Jenova

BT writes: Final Fantasy VII is unquestionably a landmark for not only role-playing games, but the entire interactive electronic medium. Its story, characters, and combat system are the benchmarks by which a whole generation of players judge every other JRPG. It certainly hasn’t aged well graphically, but it is impossible to deny the effect it had on its industry and genre.

The premise of the game was fairly unique for its time. Instead of utilizing the standard “swords and sorcery” setup that had defined much of the history of roleplaying games and fantasy literature, Final Fantasy VII opened in a dystopian Dieselpunk universe in which the gap between rich and poor had widened so far as to incite a band of revolutionaries to overthrow their oppression. Although this setting is similar to the one presented in Final Fantasy VI, its implementation turned out to be quite a bit deeper than its predecessor.

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