WorthPlaying Previews Patapon (PSP)

Via WorthPlaying:

"What, you may ask, is a Patapon? It's best described as an eyeball with limbs: a circle with stick figure legs and arms, usually wearing some kind of hat and carrying a weapon. Unfortunately, they're also almost extinct. Long ago, the Patapon tribe flourished under the guiding hand of "The Almighty," a distant god with amazing powers … but the Almighty abandoned them one day, leaving the Patapon to survive on their own. The poor Patapons failed, and rival tribes and terrible beasts quickly stole their lands, driving the Patapon to the very brink of extinction."

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Luca Blight4379d ago

I mean the main similarity is the art style, but you can't even compare those because Loco Roco's more a psychadelic weird-fest while Patapon is a 300-inspired war march.

It's like saying the Unreal-powered RPG Last Remnant (by SquareEnix) and Gears of War are similar.

Darkiewonder4379d ago

Both are quirky yet entertaining but Patapon actually has more depth in terms of gameplay.

meepmoopmeep4379d ago

can't wait to order my soldiers to kick ass by the beat of the war drums... kekeke... all that quirky goodness that sony always brings...