Resident Evil 6 and fan satisfaction struggle

It seems as if Capcom are trying their best to show evolution to the series and keep fans of the familiar style happy with Resident Evil 6, and this shows that they have really gone to town in creating a healthy balance that will not only introduce modern elements to the game, but also keep loyal followers satisfied.

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KwietStorm2286d ago

Um, Capcom is doing absolutely nothing to keep the old school fans "of the familiar style" satisfied. The series has become more and more rambo zombie killer since RE4.

h311rais3r2286d ago

If they are going the action route they could have Atleast added a decent physics ragdoll yet? I mean Jesus ragdoll been around for 10 years now....I'm so sick of seeing the same animation over and over. Bodies dont just go stiff. There's rigor that kicks in but zombies...already passed that point lol

WeskerChildReborned2286d ago

I don't know any old school RE fan that is happy with RE6.

joab7772286d ago

There has to be a way to do both. Unfortunately, in today's market, because of the necessity for a franchise of this magnitude to make money, Capcom chooses to show how great it looks and how epic it will be. Now, as I mentioned, there must b a way to do both. Resident evil 4 was good and also looked great etc. Maybe, there is horror and difficulty, and sparse ammo along with blockbuster moments. It's hard to blame capcom because gamers have proven that most of the hardcore base will still buy it because of the sheer quality and love of the franchise, and the changes draw in new players helping them to sell a gazillion copies. The competition is stiff and the industry is suffering a bit, so capcom is never going to make a better looking version of older titles. Anyway, if they did, it would b blasted by everyone but a niche group of gamers. It's why Indie games and hd remakes are so popular. And while I really, really hope that it has many of the elements that I love about RE, I don't envy the position many of these companies find themselves in. And it will only get worse next Gen.

jeeves862286d ago

There isn't. The two game styles are completely different. The only thing that Capcom has managed to do is break the action up with what it hopes will appease the old fans. But even Leon's scenarios are a pretty big stretch from what fans actually are accustomed to.

Capcom is going for broader appeal - no one should be surprised that some will be left out. Survival horror is not for everyone.

Pozzle2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I think Capcom could definitely do a mix of both. The more updated action-oriented gameplay can stay, but why can't they retain at least some of the old-school atmosphere and scares?

Leon's section in the RE6 demo was pretty dull because it didn't really capture the essence of what made the early RE games creepy. Walking through an empty building at night =/= survival horror.

Survival-horror might not be for everyone, but it sucks that it has become common for so many horror games to completely ditch their roots in exchange for making a more mainstream game. Imagine the uproar if Uncharted decided to ditch its platforming segments to become "more mainstream" or Portal ditched its puzzle segments to become "more mainstream"! Survival-horror is a big part of what makes Resident Evil...well...Resident Evil. Why not at least keep some of the old-school elements without having to ditch everything recognizable from the older games? :(

Kratoscar20082286d ago

RE6 will be the last nail in the SH coffing.