Endless Ocean · Cubed³ Review

"Endless Ocean deserves to be tried out by all Wii owners looking for something a bit different but don't want to veer too far into 'non-gamer' territory. Aside its pseudo-prequels on Sony platforms there's really nothing else like it, and while it's certainly not going to be for everybody those who do enjoy will find themselves diving more than they might have originally expected. This is the perfect way to see what you're missing out on if you've not been scuba diving and offers some experiences that you probably wouldn't get even if you did go - you'll never forget when you first have that whale-shaped shadow cast all over the ocean around you…"

Graphics: 9 - Fabulous under the sea, especially when you get to zoom in. The boat bits aren't great, but we can forgive it because you won't be spending too much time there..

Sound: 6 - There's some slow classical-ish music included, but really you're going to want to use your own music. You can only play one MP3 per dive, though, so choose wisely or put several songs into one track.

Gameplay: 8 - Initially it seems a bit boring, and it probably will remain so for some people, but the combination of great controls and the enthralling world of the sea to explore soon makes things interesting. Wifi is a good addition, but needed better communication options.

Value: 8 - It's going to last you as long as you want to keep on exploring. There's a lot of sea to explore before you can say you've seen it all.

Final Score: 8 - Perhaps more of an experience than a 'true' game, Endless Ocean is a nice change from the norm in this world filled with shooting and driving games and a beautiful one at that. There's plenty of ocean to get around before the game's up, brilliant controls and finding new creatures remains exciting throughout. Our main issue is the lack of communications in the online co-operative mode. Ignore the story and boat sections and get diving in - this is one situation where swimming with the fishes is no bad thing…

[ Review by Mike Mason on 25.01.2008 ]

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