The Best Towns in the Zelda Series

ZD writes: I’ve always loved some of the central towns in the Zelda series. They help provide an anchor for Link’s quest and give the player a break from some of the more strenuous adventuring and puzzle-solving, offering new opportunities for item acquisition. The Zelda series has had some truly spectacular towns, and they’ve always helped add to the flavor of the game as a whole and to their locations.

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abzdine2338d ago

one i really loved is in wind waker at the end after finding the 8 pieces and where the colors are b/w and the monsters turned to statues. amazing art style!

I think Wind waker is a bad zelda game but it's definitely the game with the best artistic style and design.

linkenski2338d ago

To me The Wind Waker is the best Zelda game, and i'd gladly see another one with the same artstyle in an openworld three dimensional setting. It could be on the 3DS :-P

Anyway i think my favorite town in Zelda would be Clock Town from Majora's Mask, because it was where most of the Side-Quests played out, and to me that was the real meat of the game.

abzdine2338d ago

wind waker was a very boring zelda game with very short castles and extremely long boring sailing sessions. Great style but poor content imo

gamerben2337d ago

Ha, I loved the gameplay, the sailing didn't bother me much.

abzdine2337d ago

updating the map and sailing after the triforce pieces was really a pain in the ass. and the castles are far too short, no more than 2 floors everytime and no compass. But best graphics ever ! :)