Metal Gear for All

Books, websites, and... Metal Gear Solid 5?

Moving outside the game realm, Kojima announced that in December, Kojima Productions will start up the Metal Gear My Page portal site. "Here, fans will be able to create a Metal Gear database and write original stories," explained Kojima. "I think that around ten years from now it would be great if we could make Metal Gear Solid 5 with the support of fans."

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KoolMan5844d ago

finally a website for mgs, i was waiting for this to long but now is around the corner.
this will work well

PS3 Ultimate5844d ago

With my ideas, I can make MGS4 sell twice the ammount it will sell!

OutpostCommand5844d ago

This is very sad.
It is just bringing back memorys of MGS2 and MGS3 and now reminding me that MGS4 may well be the last MGS.
MGS is the best damn series that graces this planet.
Here, listen to this and tell me if this doesnt bring a tear to your eye-
Apparently, like all good things, MGS must come to an end.

Raz0r3605844d ago

that would be cool to see maybe go against lik halo 5 lol i think halo is the best seris but i guess mgs is the best as like a action walking game i think