John Woo Presents Stranglehold

New gameplay video.

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kmis875855d ago

They have this over in the 360 media section too, so its a joint ps3, 360 article. Lets see if we can all be happy that we get a great game in Stranglehold (except for Wii guys but you're getting Zelda so no complaining), or if we'll just end up bashing each other like in every other article. My money's on bashing but you never know...

THE TRUTH5855d ago

But the way Ign set-up the video it is highlighted as PS3, take a look at link, that is why I posted it as such

kmis875855d ago

I just wanted to say that this same video is in the 360 stranglehold page so that people didn't make fools of themselves arguing about the two consoles. I was just thinking it would be nice if we had an article without any bickering is all.

kingboy5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

your the one starting all this flame.By now everyone knows it`s multi,so we start saying fanboy [email protected] over people? Your just a gamer like any other and no moderator here,just kill that noise.

kmis875854d ago

"Lets see if we can all be happy that we get a great game in Stranglehold"
Yep I'm a real flamer. Why don't you just shut up you multiaccount having jackass. I said in my post that I wanted an article where no one bashed someone else, but you had to go and prove my prediction that that was impossible to be absolutely correct.

DG5854d ago

its about time they make a game like that. I thought FEAR was going to be it but no luck. I just want to run arround and blow $#!T up all day. I mean Saint Row does that but its mainly only vehicles.

DISCIPLE1115854d ago

i just hope the A.I. isnt stupid and say the same corny stuff as the people in far cry like " youre goin down buddy" or "youre gonna die!"