Square Enix Seeking Redemption In The Next Generation?

They could be gearing up to wow all the disillusioned fans out there. If they launch Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, FFXV, and more...

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Relientk772287d ago

Give me Final Fantasy XV

and dont make it like FF XIII and XIII-2

Make it like FF VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

user54670072287d ago

Speaking of FF15, I'd rather they just turn FF13 Versus in FF15 at this point and then start on FF16 for next gen.

They've had plenty of time to change versus so most of the 13 mythology crap can be taken out.

Relientk772287d ago

How long are they gonna take on FF13 Versus? It has been like forever since it was first announced

shoddy2287d ago

What we have to wait til nextgen?

Where is versus 13?

jc485732287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

this is sad. I'm still waiting for games this generation.

Xof2287d ago

Considering many of the things they're saying they're going to do to make next-generation games better, cheaper and easier to develop are the same things they said about this generation 7 years ago....

It's pretty obvious they're incompetent.

They can only say, "no, really, next time will be different!" before even the most ardent of fanboys begin to realize that, hey, maybe Square Enix and the old Squaresoft aren't exactly equal in terms of ability.

TheColbertinator2287d ago

Versus XIII.Finish that.Period.

Jdoki2287d ago

As soon as SquareEnix said they were restructuring to appeal to the Western market it was clear that something was going to go wrong. The whole reason the West loved their games was because they did NOT pander to Western gamers!

SE shot themselves in the foot, and I now see them as a bit of a joke. They need to get back to focusing on what they do best - which is making great JRPG's, rather than trying to over analyse the design to create some hybrid RPG's that appeal to no one.

FFXIII is the single biggest disappointment this gen.

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