Analyst: Steam ‘has to branch out,’ may begin by selling nongaming software

The engineers that maintain online services like Steam and Origin must have itchy trigger fingers. A few days after a rogue promotion on Origin seemed to confirm the existence of Battlefield 4, the Steam app on mobile platforms suddenly began listing nongame-related software categories.

For a few hours on July 16, performing a genre search on the Steam app produced sections like “accounting,” “photo editing,” and “software training.” While this is far from a confirmation, it suggests that Valve may soon broaden its digital-retail offerings.

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JeffGrubb2288d ago

I don't think that analyst knows what he's talking about.

bothebo2288d ago

I think it's safe to assume that Valve is sitting on A TON of cash.

TheoreticalParticle2288d ago

There's some stupid concept in the business world where, if you're not growing, you're viewed as useless. In my book, if you're still bringing in boatloads of cash every month, you can afford to not be growing.

acronkyoung2288d ago

I was expecting something about Indie Game The Movie and how Steam might selling stuff like movies or digital comics or something. Those are some weirder offerings, but I guess it would make sense.

DeadlyFire2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )


Game development software would be nice. 3DS Max + Steam sale one day = affordable? You know or something to a similar extent.

Also this non-gaming software = your OS(Which is required for your game), Photo editing(Required for cool avatars), Video editing for gameplay clips. To me it doesn't really sound so non gaming.

Also. Movies could work out well. Xbox, Playstation, and even Wii all have Netflix built into their services. Its possible we could see similar functions on STEAM.

Main reason I believe they might expand to other avenues is that while Steam is the Number 1 Digital platform. It has no cloud gaming component and additional funding could get them to produce that.

There is a chance Valve could also enter the hardware industry like HP/Acer, or Dell/Alienware. They sell you the games, but you still need the hardware. What retail store is gonna sell you a gaming PC? Valve could be one to do it and put HD PC gaming in retail stores.

reznik_zerosum2288d ago

they need to branch out cause they earn to much money ?

Rifkens2288d ago

Gabe has already said they have the capabilities to provide a movie rental/streaming service

burgerman2288d ago

They might as well have their own kickstarter and livestream at the rate steam is going. If that crazy law passes they'll have to implement a digital trade in service.

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The story is too old to be commented.