Can Medal of Honor Challenge Call of Duty in 2012?

GameSpy - Which modern military multiplayer shooter should be on your buy list?

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Outside_ofthe_Box2289d ago

***"Can Medal of Honor Challenge Call of Duty in 2012?"***

No. Original > Copy

Laxman2289d ago

Then that would make it yes, seeing as the Call of Duty started as a MOH copy.

Outside_ofthe_Box2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Keyword is "started."

ALLWRONG2289d ago

Call of Duty and MOH come from the same dev

badz1492289d ago

this is about sales, isn't it? it's a sad state we are in when sales are indication of what is best, not the quality or originality of the game itself!

it sales is the game, so if BF3 didn't even come close, what makes MoH:WF can? not even a contest!

h311rais3r2289d ago

Lol cod original. That's funny. Please explain what is so original and then go do research and you'll see your sadly mistaken. Cod is a massive copy.

NastyLeftHook02289d ago

bring back medal of honor frontline type of games back.

-Mezzo-2289d ago

I've got both on pre-order.

MOHW = Multiplayer

BO2 = Zombie Mode

WeskerChildReborned2289d ago

I'm also gonna be pre ordering both just like you. I love Zombies and MOH Warfighter's multiplayer looks pretty good.

joab7772289d ago

Exactly. Well put. There's room for two. Obviously BO2 will outsell MoH and it won't b as close as B3 vs. MW. unless MoH is actually a great game. If it's really good, eventually it will sell very well. It won't top BO2 but it will keep EA on Activations heels especially if it close to B3's quality and is a fresh take on sp and mp. It's sp can't b worse than b3. Already I hope not. I guess it wasn't terrible but I so wanted a great semi open sp game of the bad company vein. MoH won't be that but it could b great.

Laxman2289d ago

I dont really see people's problems with 'another military shooter'. I think they're good fun. I love shooting shit, and I sure as hell prefer to do it in modern times.

TedCruzsTaint2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Medal of Honor 2010 had one of the best, if not the best, singleplayer of all the modern shooters this generation.

If they can keep the same quality this time around, they are already in a good spot.

From what I have seen of the multiplayer, it seems like they found a good middle-ground of arcadey style gunplay, much like CoD, but with more emphasis on tact and choice.

If they pull it off, it could be a rather refreshing experience, and could actually appeal to a rather wide group of gamers.

Will it challenge CoD in terms of sales? No. Will it potentially raise the series back into heavy-hitter status, as far as modern shooters go? Looks promising.

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The story is too old to be commented.