Ripten: Devil May Cry 4 Hands-On Demo Impressions (Xbox 360)

Ripten's Dan Landis writes:

After about an hour of repeatedly playing the just-released demo of Devil May Cry 4, I've found myself effectively shot in the face with action-packed delight. DMC4 really is a return to form for the series, even though the protagonist is an all-new character.

Before I even begin, let me say that if you have broadband and access to the Playstation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, go start downloading the demo right now. It'll be a third of the way done by the time you finish reading this, and you'll thank me for it.

Minor annoyances aside, I think the demo overall can best be summed up with the words "fucking awesome".

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mighty_douche4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Personally i was quite disappointed, the first demo (10 minutes) you fight about 15 enermies, and reach the boss without enough time to complete it.
The second demo simply kicks off half way through the first without the timer, the boos battle is "good" but its pretty damn easy.

All in all i found it a little to button bashy, but its fun enough, not sure ill be dropping £40 on it, maybe ill pick it up a bit later for cheaper.

Anyone else think they would of rather had respawning enermies for 10 minutes just so you can play around? That would of been a btter option for the demo.

gunnerforlife4376d ago

for some reason i cant get the internet connection dont work for my ps3 so i guess i have to wait before going to buy it on game:)

Amnesiac4376d ago

So you say it's a button masher, but you want to just mash buttons for 10 minutes?

Marceles4376d ago

It's not THAT button're gonna have to start rolling out the way sooner or later, I'm putting it on the hardest setting when I get the game. They're probably trying to go casual on the game since DMC3's difficulty was up there, but I actually liked that. I haven't played DMC in a long time, so I kept finding myself trying to block like God of War a few times lol...but the game should be good once I put it on a harder setting

WilliamRLBaker4376d ago

....a lil redundent..and like the 3rd comparison....

meepmoopmeep4376d ago

it won't be the last either, im afraid...

but it's good to see that some xbox folks that haven't tried this franchise will get a chance to play it on their console now. all comparison bullsh*t aside, one good thing about games going multiplat is that it opens the door for many more people to enjoy a franchise if they cannot afford to buy every console out there.

Lord Cheese4376d ago

completely agree - bubbles for you :O)

I tried it on my 360 last night, despite the fact i'll be buying it on my ps3 because i think the controller suits it, and i'm hoping the load times are better because of the hdd install. That being said i was still well impressed with it - its classic DMC, the first game is one of my fave games ever, and this is very close to the feel of it.

Its a break from a lot of the games out on the 360 so it should be welcomed with open arms by 360 owners, and in my opinion its going to be far better than heavenly sword so will be a very welcome title on the ps3 as well :O)

OpiZA4376d ago

Great response :) You give me hope for this site. el'Bubble for you sir

Can't wait 2 finally pick this game up. This and burnout will keep me occupied till gta

Coke-a-Cola4376d ago

The Character moves with a Jerky Cokroach, cardboard style ....( in Game ) the cut scenes Swarthy and Smooth , Stylish . The transition is not for Me . I played 1 and 3 but I have been spoiled by games like Uncharted .( SPOILED >>> Damn You Nathan ) The overall feeling is one of a funeral Parlor ( I think they call it Gothic )

It felt like I was playing the same old game with buffed up graphics Same one liners I will give this one a miss for now.


I mirror other peoples sentiments over repetitive gameplay. Other action games like god of war and ninja gaiden (hell even kingdom hearts) have better more interesting fighting systems; and seeing as the fighting system is the bulk of the game; i dont expect it to review well; put it that way.

It also seems like there a cutscenes for no reason at all. Such as the button section in the timed demo. WTF? just let me press the god damned button.