New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 3DS the No. 1 ‘Most Wished For’ title

Nintendo Co.’s New Super Mario Bros. 2 to the Nintendo 3DS ranked as the top ‘Most Wished For’ game titles at Inc. this week due to strong interest.

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PopRocks3592287d ago

I have to wonder what the appeal was for this game over its Wii U counterpart. A lot of people seem to want this game but have very little interest in the other.

Personally I'm excited for both, but that's just me.

live2play2287d ago

my guess

more stuff has been shown for nsmb2 since its closer to release date, including more trailers and overviews on the website

nsmbU has had barely any exposure past the e3 trailers and same 3 areas
but once then get into the SMW-like overworld and different yoshis
youll start to see a shift in attention but that till november probably

live2play2287d ago

hey and how is pictobits coming along
had a chance to play it more?

PopRocks3592287d ago

Very good points.

And the game is actually pretty awesome. Thanks. :D