KH III will use Luminous Engine, FF VII ?

Julien Merceron, the company's technology director, has said to FINAL FANTASY DREAM that : " Luminous Engine will be used for a large range of games as Kingdom Hearts III and next Thi4f, but we still have a lot of work to do".

He said about the Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo : "We really wanted it to be our own view. We are not trying to sell Sony or Microsoft's view, and by the way, we are not aware of it. When we published this video, we wanted it to be a message from Square Enix, more than a message from Sony or Microsoft."

Finally about FF VII he said : "Final Fantasy VII was one of my most beautiful experiences. That said, the other titles of the series are also wonderful. Obviously, as a player, I would really like a remake for FFVII. I give my opinion concerning the technology used and I let them take their decisions. But as a player, as a fan, yes, I would like a remake."

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joshuatobi2378d ago

if true that would be a beast of a game but wouldn't that be a next gen game? if it is then that would suck but make sense since next gen is almost upon us. Still day one purchase for me

Trunksword2378d ago

KH III ? I will take the Bundle version with PS3 Slim or PS4 or whatever with ! :)

Ranma12378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Cool, engine does better graphics am happy.

But the old Square Enix (or should i say Squaresoft), wouldnt put all their efforts into graphics.

Square Enix, when will you learn graphics alone dont make a game?

Your most recent FF's had poor gameplay and story, fix those things for gods sake !

Vegetapero2378d ago

Now seriously 2017 for the 15th anniversary of the serie.

Stari2378d ago

Fuck'in True !

So we have to increase the graphics and to don't forget fix the gameplay aswell

Aggesan2378d ago

That's just plain wrong. Ever since the SNES days, Square have been pushing graphics. FFVI and Chrono Trigger was technically very impressive when they came. Not to speak of FFVII.

WeskerChildReborned2377d ago

Yea, Current gen is coming to an end soon. 2005 - 2013 or 2014. Hell might even be 2015 but i'm just making assumptions since analysts have been saying 2013 will be the start.

Trunksword2378d ago

Nice, Julien Merceron is a good French. He gives his point of view, and when they created GLACIER2 for Hitman, it was a great moment for the industry. With Luminous they have the power to create a game powerfull as Advent Children Complete.

FF VII Remake ? I'm ok for that !

Cloudstar2378d ago

FF VII Remake with the level of ACC ! Ok I can pay 600€ for the game :)

Stari2378d ago

1000 $ for $ony and $quare-€Nix is not a problem !

smashcrashbash2378d ago

Just bring it out already and stop the KH side stories.

Vegetapero2378d ago

What are you talking about ?
KH Stories is true, look the interview.

Capt-FuzzyPants2378d ago

Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance definitely aren't side stories. If You don't play them you'll be so lost for the third one. Even 358/2 Days was important.

Vegetapero2378d ago

I just hope that we are not wainting for all of that for years and years and finally for nothing !

Cloudstar2378d ago

Yes but you can be prepared to do !

FFNul2378d ago

There's so much disharmony coming from SE's direction... Imagine if they had the same vision they'd always had... bosses from different departments should all share the same vision in a healthy company.

Anyone read "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"? Excellent read.

But Julien Merceron seems different, clear in his way to think, a really good guy I think.

Cloudstar2378d ago

Yes, A french interview ! :)

Julien Merceron is the sexiest guy I never saw ! :)

Stari2378d ago

I prefer Zinedine Zidane or Carla Bruni

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