The Club Character Spotlight: Finn and Adjo - Videos and Info

The Club's doors will officially open to the public about a month from now, but before you make a reservation, it's only fair that GameSpot warn you about some of the unsavory characters who are expected to frequent the upcoming third-person shooter. Sega and developer Bizarre Creations have furnished GameSpot with information on two more of the game's playable characters; guys who'll be fighting for their lives alongside Kuro, Seager, Dragov, Renwick, and a couple of other hard-asses whose profiles we've yet to see. Knock over either of these guys' drinks at your own risk.

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marcdz14386d ago

I wasn't blown away by the demo. The controls were terrible and probably has a stupid storyline.

BigKev454386d ago

I totally agree with you, marcdz1