ZombiU Gameplay Videos Might Put Wii U On Your Wish List

At Comic Con, Ubisoft released a pair of gameplay videos from the Wii U exclusive ZombiU. Based on the footage here, it looks like Nintendo scored a big win by securing the game for their console.

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NYC_Gamer4097d ago

The game looks fun but its not enough right now for me to spend 250-300 dollars on Wii-U

WeskerChildReborned4097d ago

You're right about that but i'll also be getting Aliens and AC3 for it and if any interesting launch titles are announced, then them too.

StarFox4097d ago

i'm just getting AC3 and Aliens on my ps3 there is no point of spending a extra 200-300$ on a system just because of a difference in controllers. this zombie u doesn't do it for me at all neither.

Hisiru4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Same here. I will get ZombiU, Aliens, AC3 and some others (NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Darksiders 2, Rayman Legends, Trine 2 and Tekken Tag 2, maybe Batman, I am not sure yet). If there is no black WiiU at launch, then I will wait.

M83_4096d ago

@StarFox Yeah but I'm thinking it will look similar but with the increased power, it will have more AA and overall be a slightly nicer and smother version of the PS3/Xbox versions.

I could always just be talking right out of my ass and be completely wrong on that though. But that just means I have the potential to be a fine games journalist!;)

WeskerChildReborned4096d ago

@Hisiru, i'm also gonna wait if their is no black Wii U too cause i just like the color.

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Brasi824097d ago

I'll be spending that money for the Wii U. Not just for ZombiU but for all of the great titles that Nintendo themselves make.

NeoTribe4096d ago

Zelda sold me I think. Zelda and zombieU.

jboy4097d ago

This game looks awesome and the visuals look sweet as a nut for a first exclusive on the console.
this is one for me also day one

4097d ago
IWentBrokeForGaming4097d ago

This is the 1 game that shows me that I'd need a Wii U to play... I dig the concept and stuff... but it's not enough for me to buy the console for. Especially when the rest of the consoles games are available for the 2 consoles I already currently own, and the Wii U versions look identicle!

bub164097d ago

im really looking forward to the wii u. i love the party games and with games like this. you cant really say no!

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NecrumOddBoy705d ago

The title says the criteria was explicitly written to mention Eternal Darkness. I am happy to see House of the Dead: OVERKILL on here. With the rise of Grindhouse themes in the 2010s, (ie WET), this was one that was both entertaining and camp funny.

-Foxtrot705d ago

Would be nice to see a new Zombie game set in the UK again, some of the landmarks, old architecture and the like really fits in well with the genre.

Aussiesummer705d ago

Sean of the dead and 28 days later.


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