You can’t un-see these 11 video game box art cliches

GamesBeat's Evan Killham: You might have seen the collection of movie poster cliches earlier this year (courtesy of French blogger Christophe Courtois). It shouldn’t surprise you that video game box art has its own recurring visual motifs, and I’ve collected 11 of them here.

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Snookies122288d ago

Lol! That last cover was hilarious, perfectly sums up the cliches.

acronkyoung2288d ago

I really hope the cover for the inevitable Modern Warfare 4 has every single one of these cliches.

Hicken2288d ago

So pretty much any game with a person on the cover is part of a cliche?

JeffGrubb2288d ago

This is why I love fan-made posters. They're always more inspired by the game rather than a marketing department.