Will GTA V be the biggest GTA ever?

Suck My Trend - Will GTA V be the biggest and best Grand Theft Auto yet? In this opinion piece we take a look and come up with our thoughts on this hot question in the gaming world.

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WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Rockstar stated it will be their biggest GTA so i would assume so.

searchbuzz2284d ago

Was it not also claimed Red Dead Redemption was their biggest ever title?

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Yea, at the time, but they idk what they mean that GTA V will be the biggest out of all GTAs like that could mean biggest map or biggest variety.

Mr_cheese2284d ago

Doesn't mean gta V can't be bigger than red dead redemption though does it?

HebrewHammer2284d ago

I just hope they don't hold back because of DVD9 on Xbox.

Ugh - if only every platform had bluray. We wouldn't be confined to a city. We'd be playing GTA: USA lol

iamgoatman2284d ago

Well you have to take time and resource constraints into account, bigger disc storage doesn't automatically mean larger world. Plus some pretty large environments have fitted onto a DVD in the past, Just Cause 2 for example.

HebrewHammer2284d ago

But GTA is synonymous with detailed environs, and assets that require much more disc storage. Just Cause 2 - not so much.

BrutallyBlunt2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

While bluray is great for storage capacity it's actully the weak amount of RAM on the Playstation 3 that limits the possibilities. If people truly want the best possible they would be supporting the PC platform instead. Isn't it amazing how the PC doesn't even use BLURAY yet they can make larger games? Imagine how Star Wars The Old Republic would look and run like on the PS3. Look at a game like Battlefield 3, it looks way better on the PC and supports more people online.

HebrewHammer2284d ago

But I thought the PS3 had the same amount as 360 - just allocated separately.

BrutallyBlunt2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

It does and the XBOX360 is hindered even more so than the Playstation 3 because not all systems have a hard drive. That is what's really holding things back. Apparently Halo 4 will greatly benefit from a full install but not everyone has a hard drive so they won't make it mandatory.

Microsoft doesn't want to give up its lower priced model but they should. They fear doing it now would create a two-tiered system and they don't want to neglect those who don't have a hard drive.

The point is both systems have their bottlenecks. Why doesn't Sony allow full game installs for example? There are many PC games that come on multiple disks so it's not just BLURAY being the deciding factor on making GTA V larger or being limited by DVD. There are other factors in play. The BLURAY drive is slow on the PS3 so they compensate that with mandaory installs but the game would benefit even more with a full install. Remember Metal Gear Solid 4 and how cumbersome it was? Imagine that game having a full install like we see on the PC.

Since each system has a limited amount of RAM (512 and 256+256) developers are still limited. So blaming the DVD format on the XBOX360 is only one area, it's both consoles that are holding back what's potentially possible. That is why the PC should be the lead platform. That way the conversion to the PS3 can play off of its strengths and so can the XBOX360 but still retain what's possible on the PC. Battlefield 3 is a prime example of leading with the PC and then seeing for yourself how much the consoles lag behind. Is that game on BLURAY for the PC?

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AgreeFairy2284d ago

Only if they make it fun and not like whatever GTA4 was.

searchbuzz2284d ago

What did you not like about GTA IV?

Kaos_Vll2284d ago

I think he stated that it was NOT fun to play

searchbuzz2284d ago

I think thats what I questioned?

Megaton2284d ago

If we're speaking literally, I doubt it'll be bigger than San Andreas. Disc space limitations and such.

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Rockstar said GTA V will be the biggest but idk if they mean as in biggest map or something different.

searchbuzz2284d ago

Yep, they did state it would be the biggest map they have ever made.

Arix2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

According to leaked news, the map will be 5 times the size of Liberty city. Ps: Red dead redemption game of the year edition includes the normal game and the undead nightmare version. On the PS3 and xbox. I don't think there are space limitations that we should be concerned of.

Arix2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

While the 'PS4' and 'xbox720' will be released (probably) before GTA V, they might be working towards those consoles and not PS3 or xbox360. The new consoles will be far more powerful.