Gamedaily: You Know You Suck at Gaming When...

Gamedaily Writes:

There comes a time when gamers need to wake up and face the truth... they suck at playing games. If any of these characteristics and behaviors describes you, then you obviously need some practice.

1) You Need Cheat Codes
-Taking the time to look up and input cheat codes is a sure admission of failure.

2)You Read Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs and/or Manuals
-Reading is a sign of weakness, so real gamers leave game manuals inside the box and figure out the controls by themselves.

3) You Carry the Lowest Rank
-Other players see the low rank as the culmination of your gaming performance (or lack thereof) and stand ready to boot you instead of allowing you to drag the team down.

4) You Spend More Time Spectating Than Playing
-You know you suck when you always end up dying seconds after spawning into a game.

5) You Send Controllers Flying
-Tough games cause people to pitch these things like baseballs, leaving bad players with broken TVs and windows as proof of their lack of skill.

6) You Build Up Cheap Achievements
-As the saying goes, if you don't have the skills to succeed, then fake it.

7) N00bs Show You Up
-You log hours upon hours practicing a game, but still get owned by a 10 year-old picking up the controller for the first time.

8) You Use Profanity as a Weapon
-The first and last resort of any player getting destroyed by opponents is to curse

9) You're Totally Geared Up and Still Losing
-In that rush to get ahead, you never learned to play the game.

10) You Buy Characters and/or Items on Real Life Auction
-Why bother playing a game when you can pay someone to do it for you?

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Cyrus3654387d ago

Had a nice laugh reading this, cause it so true...

captainpwn4387d ago

you own a 360.


Johnny Blaze4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )


Kinda fishy ,You made the dumbest comment and have more agrees than anyone in this topic...How many accounts do you have...GO SDF!!!!

I thought games were about having fun..No matter how you go about doing it...

Shadow Man4386d ago

people agree with that fanboy comment. is this site run by ps3 fanboys?

Johnny Blaze4386d ago

No the site is not run by ps3 fanboys.It's just that the comment section is not moderated...Probably will never be...

OmegaKulu4387d ago

Agree to majority of them... except manuals, people don't always read them for help...

Relientk774387d ago

i like reading manuals .. especially for RPGs (actually i prolly only read RPG manuals lol)... to see what you did and then read it.. and be like ohh well that would have been easier if had that item or did it that way ...


Afterburn4387d ago

1. there is always a 10 year old that is better than I am. (you too).
2. profanity is a gaming requirement.
3. controllers are made of plastic so that they break before your TV does.

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The story is too old to be commented.