Resident Evil 6 Hands on From Comic Con 2012 at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted his impressions from his hands on session with Resident Evil 6 at Comic Con 2012.

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DFogz2284d ago

Such a horribly written review. Full of inconsistencies, spelling errors, misused words, and nonsensical sentences. Does not read like a review, but rather a poor play-by-play of what whomever was playing the demo had happen to them.

"When the door mercifully opened I found two persistent individuals trying to force the door open"

Seriously? The door opens and you see people still trying to open it?

Moby-Royale2284d ago

It says preview man. I'm not going to point them out, but there are a few errors in your post as well. They may not be glaringly obvious.

You needed that self-esteem boost, didn't you?

Ot: I'm curious to see if the demo plays like most people are saying.

At this point I am simply hoping for a fun co-op game. Yes, I wish that it was an old school RE title. Blau blah. It's time to simply accept that Capcom feel this is the best business strategy. Whether the long-term fans like it or not sadly.

Garethvk2284d ago

If you get Dragons Dogma it does have a code to download the demo for R.E. 6. I think he may have seen the pre-edit mode as I use Dragon often and it tends to pick the wrong words at times. Spell and Grammar check miss it and it posts. I always go in and edit after. We were posting so much today, it is possible what he saw was posted before final edit.

noisemedia2284d ago

I see what youre talking about with the grammar - its a little pedestrian but I think the message gets through and its no worse than much of what you'll find anywhere else online.

Still, I'll be getting this game on day one - whether it gets reviewed by a ten year old or the NY times.

Garethvk2284d ago

I can never win. One minute the grammar is to highbrow and then it is to pedestrain. There is no middle of the road it seems with games.

Garethvk2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Its called a preview not a review. It is supposed to be written as a play by play. We do not review unfinished games that we only had 30 minutes to play unlike other publications.

Can you point out the errors and such so I can edit as I am not seeing them and neither is spell check.

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Haha yea nobody should ever review a demo cause it does not represent the full game.

Garethvk2284d ago

I hear you. I know of a publication that would do their reviews based on demos so they could be first out the door. This was in the early days of the net when mainly publications and such were doing coverage. Well with the rising trend of fan sites, they were trying to be first and did not want to pay for an exclusive first review. So they rushed a review out based on the demo. Small problem, there were features in the demo which they cited that were cut from the final game. They had to admit what they did and it was not pretty. If you note publications like PC Gamer cite that they will not do reviews based on anything but final product. I did a F.E.A.R. multiplayer session pre-release and they asked to run our coverage. I agreed and they had all over it that it was based on playing a pre-release, work in progress etc.