Burnout Paradise gets an update

Whilst the details of the update are still a little sketchy, Burnout Paradise has gone to v1.1 on the official day of it's European launch.

With some users having issues with 'sponsor codes' to unlock the Steel Wheels car, and others having problems with online game disconnections, could the patch be to fix either of those issues, or something else?


Story at PS3 Attitude now updated with specific information from Criterion.

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Korosuke4382d ago

just check the news in the game then you'll see what specifically this patch does...

pornflakes4382d ago

The xbox360 version is of course bug free. But the xbox360 is a video gaming console not a PC like the Delaystation3 from Sony Comp. Entertainment.

If you want to install games on a console and get every month firmware updates and patches getthe ps3 version.
If you want to play with rumble, archivment and bug free games get the xbox360

BrianC62344382d ago

Archivment? What's that? I suggest you put that lousy 360 controller down and start doing your spelling homework. You have a lot of work to do.

As for the 360 being bug free, nice RROD problems it has. I'd prefer a software problem that can be fixed with a simple download over a complete design failure that causes my console to burn up.

power0919994382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

First off, that was really unneeded, and your delusional if you think all 360 games don't have issues.

I highly doubt we will see very many games released that are perfect in every way. Even with content updates there are issues. It's the nature of online gaming.

Even Halo3 had a few bugs at release.

Besides I have yet to find a bad reason to get updates, and patches so your logic confuses me.

Edit: PS3 has rumble controllers as well, so agian I am failing at seeing your point.

Ju4382d ago

@porn I was close sying "moron", but put you on ignore instead.

Ri0tSquad4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Everytime I play any of my Xbox 360 games after a month or so theres always an update to download. Oh yeah, UMK3 still freezes my Xbox 360 when ever I play online. Nothing is perfect.

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