PS3's worst competition is its predecessor

They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn. Sony better hope so. since Sony is still struggling to break even on the PS3, the seven-year-old PS2 remains by far the company's most successful console. That's certainly a testament to the PS2's capabilities and top-notch game library. But it's also an indictment of the PS3, and a painful reminder that Sony has, so far, managed to disregard every lesson it should have learned from its past two consoles.

Anyway, what's done is done.

Sony can't go back in time and unrelease the PS3 and wait another year to get the cost of the components down before putting the system on store shelves. And it can't reverse the migration of previously exclusive titles to other systems (notably the 360).

But the company does have two advantages heading into this year.

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iMad4376d ago

Because all their lies will fail and people will realize that they believed in hype.

Quick statements of the day from me (former game developer).
----------------------------- --------------------------
1. PS3's GPU holds multi platform games back. Cell will not help make graphics so much better because GFX-programming is single threaded, not parallel like Cell. So multiplatform games will always look better on XBOX. PS3 will have good games with great physics (LittleBigPlanet) but no with better GFX. Unified architecture of XBOX Xenos GPU is Nvidia 8800 level while PS3's RSX GFX is Nvidia last gen 7xxx series.
2. Sony know this. That is why they over hype and lie to their customers. But software sale shows us that customers didn't get fooled. More than expected amount of people buy PS3 for..for movies first and don't buy PS3 games.
3.SonyDefence forse is acting on this site and all over internet. That is a group of people that write great user reviews on SONY product all over internet. So be careful receiving information about SONY products. If product is bad SonyDefenceForce will make it look better than it is by posting reviews and their lying opinions at most popular internet sites.

mighty_douche4376d ago

"former game developer" oh really? which games did you wrk on?

"XBOX Xenos GPU is Nvidia 8800 level " what a load of ass, ATI cant even make PC graphics card capable of the 8800's. So are you suggestting they invented a card over 3 years ago for a console thats more powerful than anything they can produce for a PC? what a load of rubbish.

both console GPU's are old news.

meepmoopmeep4376d ago

why do you harbor such hatred towards sony? it's just a company out to make money and bring a new product that will be a step forward from its predecessor. this is only gaming which is suppose to be fun not filled with such trivial bullsh*t as fanboyism.

let it go and enjoy your gaming. if not then why bother living, there are worse things going on in the world than this. and there are more corrupt businesses than sony.

lesferdinand4376d ago

"Because all their lies will fail"

Silly statements like that scream "faboy"... And the rest you write doesn't make sense either. Don't know what you did in games development, my guess would be serving the coffee...

BulletToothtony4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

one look at mgs4 and the killzone2 trailers in my 50" plasma and you would feel like a dumbass.. just shut your mouth you fanboy in denial..

most devs are starting to praise the cell now.. just stubborn dumbasses still stuck in 2007, this is 2008 now hoe.. have you not heard this is sony's year.. you had all last year to rank on the ps3 but give it a break now will ya


was meant at the first post not yours m.d. early morning glitch my bad

mighty_douche4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

EDIT: No Worries mate, thanks for clearing it up.

Shadow Flare4376d ago

iMad, never has a profile name been so fitting.

I'll keep this brief because you're just simply a lunatic. Xbox 360 will always have better graphics then ps3? Cell processor can't be used to enhance graphics properly?

-Look at Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy XIII and say that to me again. I'll add that, the 360 could never reach the graphical quality of those games. Ever.

"Sony know this. That is why they over hype and lie to their customers. But software sale shows us that customers didn't get fooled."

- First off people hype the games not sony. If you wanna talk about hype, turn your attention to Halo 3 and Microsofts marketing for it. Which included Halo 3 'gaming fuel'. Halo 3, over-hyped and did not deliver. And yes, i have played it. And its not even worthy of being called Halo 2.5, its more like...Halo 2.3

Secondly, in what way, shape or form has sony lied to its customers? Hmm? Yeah, you're right Killzone 2 looks absolutely NOTHING like the 2005 trailer, sony really messed up that one. Not. Yeah, Sony has NOTHING for 2008 worth mentioning....or is that Microsoft? Not only does Sony have a huge amount of GREAT products coming out this year, its an excellent RANGE of products, including LittleBigPlanet and Home, products which hugely appeal to the casual market. Sony is delivering games and features that people want.

As for game sales, Xbox 360 has almost twice the userbase and is a far more hardcore gamer centric crowd and will therefore buy more games. Just like xbox 1 had a hardcore gamer market. So go figure

Capt CHAOS4376d ago

While I agree with most of what you say..

You make yourself sound stupid by talking about how good a Trailer looks on your 50" plasma.

Never assume or mistake a trailer for ingame functionality. They really are not worthy of any praise when comparing across platforms..

FirstknighT4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

I love how developers have spoken about the flaws of the ps3's architecture and the sony fanboys create their own lil theories. Looks like iMad knows what he's talking about and Shadowflare.....well.....he's the same ole idiot.

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mighty_douche4376d ago

LOL... one minute the PS3 is a success, the next its bombing...

eitherway, i dont think that Sony would mind their biggest compition being themselves.

Chubear4376d ago

exactly. I mean, when the general conception is that your greatest competition is your own product then... that doesn't bod well for the other supposed competition with the likes of the 360.

meepmoopmeep4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

the fact that sony is still very determined to support the ps2.. it does get in the way to usher the current userbase onto this gen. i'm pretty sure there are a lot of ps2 users wanting to make the transition but at the moment it isn't the right time for them because:

a) the price is still too steep
b) this gen is a little intimidating since it seems you need
an hdtv and 5.1 surround to get the full effect
c) the franchises that they loved on the ps2 aren't available yet or are available on other platforms.

the majority of the 120million ps2 owners WILL eventually make the transition to this current gen. but to which platform is still to be determined. but i can pretty much say that a lot of them will move on to get a ps3 if the IP's they love remain exclusives.

WilliamRLBaker4376d ago

agreed its all hinging on the games the games are what matter, the games won the ps2 its sales, and the ps1 its sales the games the games the games.

titntin4376d ago

ahh, mr Baker!
I'm afraid your reputation ensured you got a disagree just for posting!

..and yet your post was perfectly fair and totally non-contentious, and very trues besides! So I find myself in the unusual position of giving you an agree, and being glad to do so.:)

man0fsteel4376d ago

I've been saying that for the longest time....good analysis

titntin4376d ago

It's a fair enough article, a bit overly-critical and obviously US-centric, but does make a good point!
Keeping the PS2 buisness going for as long as they have, has hurt the PS3 early adoption levels. I rather suspect that having shown such support to the previous platform will pay dividends in the long run with the average consumer, who will trust the brand to be supportted for a while. This will likely show more when the price falls another level and the more casual audience of the PS2 will start to migrate to the newer platform.

@Imad. You are not, and never have been a developer, and that is blatently obvious from your purile inaccurate asertions and obvious bias. I AM a developer, and have been for 15 years - have worked for Sony, Microsoft, E.A and many many others. You are simply another hate filled troll my friend, so please don't play pretend games to try and give your fanboy lies some more credibility - its embaressing to see..

hotrider124376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

it is the GAMES!!!!! Im still holding on to my ps2, Im waiting on more varity of games. not everyone is hardcore gamer, so those of us not are waiting on companies to make different games to suit non-hardcore gamers as well. plus long as sony dont bring back b c its more undesirable to buy a ps3. not able to play your ps2 games on it. sony should have kept the 20 gb bc ps3. I believe most ps2 gamers will wait til the 80gb ps3 go down to 299.00 before making that move.

WilliamRLBaker4376d ago

you turned a perfectly viable fact into a sonyfanboy bent those same players could go wii or 360 its all up to the games if the games are there then they will go to the system that has the games.

Ps1 and ps2s massive sales we're made up of casuals atleast 70% casuals and those are the players that will decide what games they want.

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