Ex-Naughty Dogs Form Steel Penny Games

Next-Gen's Tom Ivan reports Naughty Dog veterans Jason Hughes and Andrew Gilmour have formed Austin, Texas-based Steel Penny Games, and are hard at work on the development of a WiiWare title

The company was organized in 2007, and the team has spent the past year building a proprietary engine geared toward the Wii platform's capabilities, and creating a new intellectual property which it hopes will span a series of games.

Set to focus initially on digitally distributed titles, Steel Penny's first release will be a WiiWare game in mid-2008. The company says the title "blends a challenging puzzle game with dramatic fantasy environments and appealing characters".

Gilmour, who has been working in the games industry for 20 years, was previously a senior background artist at Naughty Dog.

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Cyrus3654379d ago

I wonder if these guys had any part with Uncharted, and how their Wii-ware game will turn out, and as well how come they weren't interested in making that kind of game for PSN.

ravinash4379d ago

Naughty dog has a lot of talented people, so its only right that some of them will go off to do their own projects.
For a start up company, they'll have limited resources, so with more Wiis than anything else out there it make sense that they focus on that area of the market first.
I'm sure once money is coming and they have more resources they can then branch out onto other systems if theres signs that there is profit in doing so.

Cyrus3654379d ago

Totally agree with what your saying but a lot of small/indie developers have made games on PSN or/360 Live services, it's not like making full game that takes crazy $$$. But yeah having potential 20 million userbase vs. under 10 million make total sense.

meepmoopmeep4379d ago

you do raise a lot of valid questions... i mean, production costs of making a wii game would be relatively more costly than creating a psn game i would imagine. oh well, i hope they bring their talents over to psn or the ps3 one day and i hope that naughty dog still has most of the same people who worked on the first uncharted to be around to making the sequel.

Prismo_Fillusion4379d ago

Awesome. I'm happy they spent a year working on an engine for the Wii. I look forward to their Wii-ware title.

Zhuk4379d ago

I am looking forward to seeing what these guys can be capable of when they inevitably start working on an Xbox Live Arcade title

Prismo_Fillusion4379d ago

Hmm not so sure they will. If I were to take a wild guess, they might be making one or more WiiWare titles to build up some money for their new company. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved to full games after that, maybe they'd be for the 360 though.

Not basing that on anything, but it seems like a sound business plan.

WilliamRLBaker4379d ago

and release games for more then one system unlike naughty dog.

ravinash4379d ago

Do you have to bring down the tone everywhere you go?

Darkiewonder4378d ago

Got hit in the head by a brick. that's my only guess.

lol @ William's comment. oh how it doesn't make sense.

Bubble Buddy4378d ago

Naughty Dog and Insomniac are a one-two punch for Sony, and i really hope Steel Penny Games will become successful. (nice name btw, steel penny) =P

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