Battlefield: Bad Company Preview

Trying to detach itself from its multiplayer roots, Digital Illusions is taking the Battlefield series in more of a single player route providing an intriging new storyline and intresting new characters.

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OutpostCommand5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

I personally am not in favour of this.
I dont think Dice is 'Attempting to detach themselves from their multiplayer roots' either.
Its that damn EA.
It is the one company I damn well hope goes to hell.

Dices expertise is multiplayer, and that is what they should stick to, no matter what those dogs at EA say.

I dont want another 'Modern Combat'.
Let the single player just be a skirmish with bots, and ill be happy.

I really dont want Dice to be the next Westwood.
(Although Westwood was one of the best game making companys ever in my opinion)