MGS 5 : Kojima already talked about a "monsters game"

In an interview made by french website, Hideo Kojima already talked about Project Ogre, saying it will be a "monsters game". Added to the photo with "the moment we were cast out of heaven, we became monsters", MGS 5 announcement seems more and more plausible.

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NastyLeftHook02288d ago

and ill have a monster hole in my wallet, no worries though, i love hj games. ;)

Heavenly King2288d ago

"BEASTS" = MGS4 Bosses
"Monsters" = Bosses of MGS5

THamm2288d ago

Yes the reason Big Boss goes bad when obviously heaven meant Outer Heaven or the battlefield for soldiers in his army

Heavenly King2288d ago

Even though everything on the pics have lots of sense, it is fake :(

I wonder if the whole Konami is trolling us?? ¬_¬

Raider692288d ago

MGS5 its not project Ogre,Ogre is something totaly diferent from WHAT Kojima has ever done!

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