Gearbox: Borderlands 2's Ending Will Be A "Compelling Reward," Not "Tentacles & Disappointment" reports: "According to Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel, Borderlands 2 will offer its players a "decent," "compelling reward" as an end-game finale - and Gearbox have learned some valuable lessons from the "tentacles and disappointment" of the original."

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vallencer2284d ago

The title....I don't even know what to think >.> tentacles and disappointment makes it sound like borderlands one was a bad porno.

Pintheshadows2284d ago

Since when has tentacle porn been bad?

user54670072284d ago


The DLC better feature the vault hunters as playable characters...a story leading up to Borderlands 3

I would love to import my save data from the first game.

Blues Cowboy2284d ago

I don't know about imports, but I think you'll get some exclusive skins and clothing from your BL1 save file?

dumahim2284d ago

What I would love is if you have completed BL2, to be able to skip playthrough 1 on BL3 and jump right into 2. I was disappointed to see they're bringing that back. With 5 characters, isn't there enough replaying?

Godmars2902284d ago

After all of the claims Bioware made and failed to deliver on ME3, numerous other instances such as with Square, I'd be surprised if any dev was taken at their word ever again.

antz11042284d ago

.....because Gearbox has shown they're anything like Bioware or Square....or Borderlands is anything like ME3 or an rpg. Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.:/

Godmars2902284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Pretty sure at one point in time Gearbox promised an epic if not worthy ending to the first Borderlands.

Point is, they wouldn't be making the claim with the Sequel if they had delivered on it the first time.

antz11042284d ago

Pretty sure they never said that, I'd love to see the article detailing that claim.

It was a great game that had a less than spectacular ending. Wasnt a bad boss fight, just a short epilogue. For the content it offered and the good times I dumped into multiple characters which each gave it a unigue play through style, its definitely still an awesome title. They more than delivered.

dumahim2284d ago

The ending of the main game was pretty anti-climactic with all the build-up through the game, but you can tell they learned A LOT after the game launched. With the exception of Moxxi's, the DLC was much better than what was in the main game.

Unversed872284d ago

Never entering Vault....ever! (Crys)

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