Wiimote Used For VR Research

Remember Virtual Reality? Back in the '90s everyone thought it would change the way we played games forever, and thanks to (quite poor) movies like The Lawnmower Man we actually believed the hype.

Then it just kinda died a death.

Well, now the Wii is helping to advance research in the field of VR!

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INehalemEXI4376d ago

Right on, I had hope wii would re-kindle VR Intrests.

ravinash4376d ago

imagine playing COD4 with would make you flinch every time someone ran round the corner.

Kakkoii4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Wow, Why was this news story posted?

I posted this story a month ago here. It's old news.

Here's the story.

M_Prime4375d ago

apparently they can't use IR cameras efficiently enough to use them for VR. they currently use a kinda sonar device. that once calibrated is super fast at sending data and its easy to process. My friend works in a VR lab at school and i get to play with it once in a while. Basically they way its projected need every screen to have its own computer calculating everything, and well even with a kick ass computer you are limited by hardware. with IR there would be too much lag to be able to do proper VR though for home use it is feasable the way it was done in the video but then again thats on a low budget. on a High budget its a different story.

VR is a waste for average gamers at least till it becomes cheap and easy to implement.