Metal Gear Solid 5: Comic Con Reveal Rumours 'Fake' - Konami

NowGamer: Did Hideo Kojima show Metal Gear Solid 5 behind closed doors at Comic Con? The evidence is mounting that he did, although Konami UK has debunked the rumours.

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Irishguy952283d ago

Very obvious anyhow. Stupid name.

BlmThug2283d ago

Well what we can learn from this is dont go into a nuclear meltdown over a rumor as you can and most probably will be disappointed

PockyKing2283d ago

Not really that obvious...With developers being shown the Fox Engine behind closed doors and all, maybe the only way to prove they were shown MGS5 was to take a picture of the title. Maybe that's just how different the game looks, if the game images we've seen from the Fox Engine is what is in the game. Just speculating, but certainly one of the less obvious leaks I've seen in a while.

Irishguy952283d ago

Haha, so people actually like

"Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors"

Blacktric2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Yes, because Tactical Espionage Action and Lightning Bolt Action makes so much sense right? Why don't you stop desperately trying to make people believe in your own crap to debunk a rumour that has the very posibility of being real? And what was Konami going to say? "Yes, those leaked screens are really taken from a closed door screening"? They already revealed that they showed OGRE behind closed doors at SDCC and these screens look legit.

Irishguy952283d ago

Raging eddster!!!

How dare people like a shit name that I don't like!?

Mac is OK2283d ago

Honestly, if you have the chance to take a picture of MGS5, you don't just take a picture of the title screen.

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

I know right, i would be videotaping it or at least taking a picture of the gameplay.

FarCryLover1822283d ago

Even if it was there and that is real, Konami won't want to say its real. They want to save it up for a special reveal.

Grey Fox 922283d ago

What should Konami say? "Yes, it's MGS5, they spoiled us everything". This rumor is not SO unlikely, if it's a fake piece of news then it's a good one. If this is real, Konami is just adding fuel to the fire.

THamm2283d ago

I hope it's real, it makes sense and the plot of it starting before the cloning and ending to Metal Gear 1 makes sense. Especially if Metal Gear 1 remake is tail ended in the game itself

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