Nyko Power Grip for PlayStation Vita Review []

One of the largest complaints from early adopters and critics of the PlayStation Vita is the battery life of the handheld not reaching much over six hours or so. The lack of an ability to access the battery in order to put in a larger and longer lasting replacement has also garnered some criticism from fans. However, five months after the launch of the portable console, Nyko has released a solution that's sure to satisfy those gamers that are constantly on the go: the Nyko Power Grip for the PlayStation Vita.

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teedogg802284d ago

I thought this thing was supposed to have retractable hand grips. I still might get it though if it really does double the battery life.

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Yea, that would be awesome if it does.

wanderson752284d ago

Nope. No retractable grips.

MasterCornholio2284d ago

No it doesn't.

It's a batarang. Remember the original PS3 controller design?


SSKILLZ2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

flash back

ThanatosDMC2284d ago

I thought they scrapped this amazing idea. I even went to their site two months ago to order one and i couldnt. I'll be glad to buy one when i can. It'd be very useful when i go camping... like using it as a batarang to kill deer.

teedogg802284d ago

I hope you take your Vita out first before throwing it at deer lol.

jboy2284d ago

Looks awesome i love it

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